The Daily Candy Lexicon Book Launch Photos re: hopefully no one will feel PTPD after my post (Post Traumatic Press Disorder see pg 70)

While the crazy diners at El Vez sat outside eating in the middle of the rainstorm, and pedestrians huddled under umbrellas near the door overhang, a group of hipster chicks, gay guys and a few husbands gathered at Robins Bookstore to celebrate the launch of The Daily Candy Lexicon

No one suffered any Bratkins as there were plenty of Carb Bombs served Singer Karen Gross and Director of Public Relations for the Bellevue, Anna Iredale check out the goods L-R Hardly a Sheer Sucker (pg 72), the spinster Matthew Vlahos, Miguelina Polanco, James Zeleniak and Miss Philadelphia Daily Candy herself and not in a Dressausage (pg 55), Meredith Lindemon
Meredith Lindemon is introduced by Mr Larry Robins, who was kind enough to donate the use of his store Robins Books for the book launch.

Not a z-lister in sight as Meredith begins to read the book to the Daily Candy fans
Zoe and Brennen (UWISHUNU) Lukas join Alexis Siemons in perusing the book for new verbiage to confuse the general public
Linda Huss, Morgan Obidowski, Ashlie Sembrat and Caroline Bean could’ve very well PUI during their friendship
My friend Chris Gabello at work for the Metro newspaper. We started out shooting together about 18 months ago, and although we travel a similar path at the same time we have gone in different directions, he at the light of speed as he is a consummate professional photographer wearing many different hats. Me I am your Philly Chit Chat Social Photographer and story teller.
In fact one of these peps said to their friend “What happened did you hug someone with a wad of foundation on, as it’s transferred itself to you?”

This women has a tatoo with a heart, wings and the word Frank. I asked her about it and she told me it was dedicated to her husband Frank who died of Lung Cancer. She wants to warn the world that cigarettes kill.
Kelly Johnson and Laura Price (PR Director ) were over skimplified, but very stylish.
I am sorry you missed it, and I think you really will be sorry you missed the gift bag that was given with each book sold as it was chock full of freebee’s, gift cards, socks, shampoos, VIP cards and a nifty sack to carry it in. (Just a quick thank you to some of the donations folks, Matthew Izzo, The Four Seasons Spa (25% off) 10% off Grasshopper, $25 off BC3000 Spa, 3 Pilates clases in Old City – Corps Pilates, FREE 1/2 hr massage at Judith Moon (I had to wrestle that one from my Boyfriend), 2 – $15 Gift Card 3rd Street Habit, FREE HAIRCUT from Laurentius Salon, and Grace Shampoo, smells good, I want to give it away to you my reader, as I don’t have my subscriber box up yet, if you send me an email to buzz I will do a drawing Sunday for the bag. (I will then put your email in the subscriber thingy and you will get the blog in your email in the future and you can just click on the link to get to my site) Rules for the contest: put re: WIN BAG You must live in Philly, cause I don’t want to mail the thing, and you could not have been at the event last night. (Oh see that coloring book, not included. I love it and want it) Socks included, not personally signed book though…

OK get ready for a crazy all access pass to the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, plus Philly Style Magazine “Best of Party” happens tonight. Philly Chit Chat will bring it to you and I will be exhausted, but you know what I love doing it. Thanks for stopping by.