PHILADELPHIA GAY LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL KICK-OFF COCKTAIL PARTY re: Hyatt Penns landing pool party, no speedos & Philly Style Mag “Hot List” Party prev

After work I stopped by to see how the preparations were going for tonight’s big Opening Party for the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Party and the opening Cocktail Party. The room was a clean slate and I was wondering how they were going to transform it (Check out Saturday’s post for the results) If you had your photo taken by either the sophisticated red head, gail or the cutie young black haired boy, Dave, you can find it here. My photo album will be up by Sunday. here the staff and volunteers work out the details Matthew Fleishman with Catherine Morris on the right
Catherine Morris sets up the room. Directs the guys with the placement of the tables and where the sponsors set up should be

It’s off to the cocktail party for me. The sponsors contribute a lot of dough to execute all the parties and events that go into putting on an event, and we appreciate them
Miguelina Polanco, the spinster Matthew Vlahos, Thom Cardwell and Debbie from Citibank
some of the food that I should eat more of
Smart Water owns Vitamin Water. I only drank the Vitamin Water, I am still hating Jennifer Aniston and her body guards, but you don’t have to hold it against SW, I appreciate their sponsorship even though that vile women is their spokeswoman

How much can I get for this picture, sexy big brother alumni Will Wikle holding the sponsor Vitamin Water, can I retire? One of my favorite boy next door who never ages, Dick Clarke er I mean Steve McCann, Mike LaMonaca who is skipping Rehobeth this week to spend it with us here in Philly( ) and Wagman, owner of Capriccio Cret Cafe which will be located on the Parkway come fall. BTW that is a scoop that it’s gonna be named after Paul Cret, architect of the Ben Franklin Bridge, Rittenhouse Square and the Parkway. The actors from “Another Gay Movie: The Sequel” ; If you’re an A, B, C, or Z celebrity whore like I am you will want to check out for a list of all the talent that will be showing up at the festival to support their movies. Don’t forget to come out tonight to catch Porn with a big P, stars Blake Riley, Chi Chi LaRue and Johnny Hay, check out the party at PURE after the movie, oh and Charlie David will be in town too. It’s gonna be a crazy week, but don’t go yet, there’s more to go on Philly Chit Chat today… Is it me or did vests come back in style? I like a good vest, as a husky guy it goes a long way for me.
Mary Patel, who has a lot to smile about these days, a new guy, a new movie, a new home and she just got back from vacation. Here she is with Daniel Tremblay Consulate of CanadaTodd Stephens – a great director of Edge of Seventeen, Gypsy 83 and his latest hit Another Gay (This will probably be one of the last times you see this hairstyle in your lifetime, it’s gasping to a halt I hope, is that mean? I don’t want to be mean, it’s just I am bald and am just jealous) and should everyone just be getting a crew cut, it’s summer.Actor Jonah Blechman and Tla’s Kelly Burkhardt, a few killer smiles from each. Vest aficionado’s Michael Sanyour and Laurda Byers enjoy themselves on the veranda with the great views of the waterfront from the Hyatt Regency.
Will Wikle best known for his appearance on Big Brother fifth season. Thursday was definitely reality TV personality day, because later in the night I went to the Philadelphia Style Magazine “Hot List Party” and you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting one. As the opening night movie rolled at the Prince Theater, I ran myself over to the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker Building to check out this gig

Jennifer Karwoski made an appearance at both the Philly Style Magazine Party with Events Upcoming, or as I heard someone call him last night, Philadelphia’s Entrepreneur Entertainment Genius, Brett Silvers. Later I ran into her at the After Party for Another Gay Movie. On Tuesday Jennifer is hosting “KINKY QUIZZO” with a gay bent at Vlanni’s 11PM
Ought oh time for me to go to bed as I am a working guy and must get up in about 3 hours to do my day job with supplements my night’s passion. I will be expounding more on both the Philly Style Magazine Party and the Opening Night Party for the Philadelphia Film Festival, over the weekend, so read it here live on Monday morning when you return to work. I love how our City has come alive.