PHILADELPHIA FILM FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT PARTY PHOTOS re: dreaming of being in one of Chi Chi’s movies

Lights! Camera! Action! The 14th Annual Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (PIGLFF) kicked off it’s first night in high style with “Another Gay Move: The Sequel” Now my confessions, I didn’t see it. After the kick-off cocktail party I ran over to the JW Crystal Tea Room to photograph the goings on at the Philly Style Mag Party . But a guy I read over at Twitter, my new addiction, reviews it: thecorefiles PIGLFF14: Gays Gone Wild (good) awful in a good way. Less cohesive than first, more sketch comedy, hit or miss. Typical opening choice. from txt ; I did make it back to the Prince to catch the trolley to the Opening PartyRemember what the room looked like only 6 hrs before And now, very impressive. It was a nice turnout, good food, which I am sure not a lot of people had as it was open bar, and I know in my drinking days, open bar always trumped good food. Will Wikle and our favorite Steve McCann at the Prince theater. Hmm out of sequence. I love the mural at the Prince Theater. Please support this theater because we don’t want it to end up like the Boyd. So check out their schedule and go to a show. And Prince why don’t you show more movies, how about a series of old movies or another sing-a-long with The Sound of Music?
I shot this threesome from across the room to capture something candid. I loved the way that they really seemed in tuned with each other, and I loved Katie’s top which broke the black/grey mode of dress for people of late. But when I lit them up, they flashed such great smiles that I had to go in and get a closer look. Sweet kids they are: Greg Niedt, Katie Williams and Dave Amodi OK now here is Chi Chi LaRue, Johnny Hazzard, Blake Riley and friends. Earlier in the evening I was talking to T, who I had just met, and of course I who was celebrating my 14th Anniversary that day, ok who am I kidding it could have been any day, not recognizing these guys with their clothes, ok not at all, I don’t really watch their movies, anyway I pointed out the guy on the right who I think is Blake Riley. I said T you’re such a nice guy, I have the ability to meet people with this camera and I can introduce you, how about that guy in the white shirt. He thought it was a good idea, but when I went over I recognized Chi Chi even without her drag. She has one of those easily recognizable faces, not like RuPaul who most people would never pick out of a crowd out of drag. So that introduction didn’t work out…if T wants to see him naked he will have to rent one of his movies. I often see these fellows as they are huge supporters of the GLBT community. Thanks!! Jonathan, Norval and Craig
Blake, Steve McCann, Chi Chi and James Duggan Jennifer Kinky Quizxzo Valanni in Center City@ 10:30pm with Kinky Jen this Tuesday in conjunction with PIGLFF a special Kinky Quizzo with a queer bent, segueing into have you met Andrew and Troy (ie not together and on the market and doing a stayvacation in Philly this weekend, but back to the grind of Rehobeth Beach next week)

If your photo isn’t here, and can’t be found in my photo album, see link below, then maybe it’s on Digg Philadelphia where Dan Juhn or LaBryon Rose snapped it to share with you
Hey Will how would you like to be in the Movies?
Got no boundaries and no limits If there’s excitement, put me in it If it’s against the law, arrest me If you can handle it, undress me Don’t stop me now, don’t need to catch my breath I can go on and on and on When the lights go down and there’s no one left I can go on and on and on Give it 2 me, Yeah No one’s gonna show me how Give it 2 me, Yeah No one’s gonna stop me now (Did I mention I am going to be in Paris for Madonna’s 11/20 concert:( I’m thinking of seeing her at MSG where I saw her last time)

Girls playing volleyball on the beach, oh wait it was on the dance floor. It was irritating, and then A came over literally rounded the girls up and threw them off the dance floor. They were irritating, and I have to give him high fives for doing it, but it did make an interesting photo the spiking of the ball and everything
I really like those blue suede shoes
Ok the wait is over Mary Patel with her new guy Michael D’Addesi producer/film maker Catherine and Betsy Morris, who’s the mother, who’s the daughter
Ya gotta love my Matthew. He’s gonna make a big mark in Philadelphia, I mean really he does make a statement of sorts especially with this shirt. He could give Thom Cardwell a run for the money, I should do an entry “Called Battle of the Loud Shirts”
Miguelina Polanco and Thom Cardwell sporting his wild shirt, could it win the “Battle of the Loud Shirts”? (see Matt V above) Plenty of eye candy filled the room. Many still sporting the dark colors, black, grey and blue. Stylish and thinning.
Oh and remember vests are making a comeback. Jeans are always in style, shirts are still out and the Justin Timberlake hat is still styling

Brenda & Perri (Did I mention that you shouldn’t assume that everyone in these photos are GLBT, some of them are just movie lovers, some are TLA volunteers, staff and some of them are supporters; it’s one big happy gay thorn family in Jesse Helm’s life, who I hear died recently which is weird ’cause I thought he died years ago)

Chris Hatfield and Randy Blank enjoyed themselves.
There are some people you just wish you had more time to spend with. Kelly Burkhardt and Heather Coutts – these two are so in love you just want to be near them and catch the sparkles
My agency in NY must have realized that too and sent out their photo to Contact Music which publishes entertainment news photos

There was a foursome here, but in this day and age some people still have to be fearful of their jobs and the other two requested I crop them out. Cindy Phillips and Jen Przewoznik are out and proud. We are making strides and someday I hope no one has to be afraid of the consequences. Philadelphia’s WPVI-TV Channel 6 is one of seven ABC affiliates that will not air a Human Rights Campaign commercial during the “Ellen” coming-out episode. The ad was created to make people aware that job discrimination based on sexual orientation is legal in 41 states.
Just one of those things When everything goes incredible And all is beautiful (Can’t get my head around, I need to think about it) And one of those things That used to get you down Now have no effect at all Cause life is beautiful (Can’t get my head around it, I need to think about it)
Chi Chi LaRue – Safe Sex Is HOT Sex!

The photo album from the Opening Night Party: