PIGLFF XIX COCKTAIL PARTY IN CELEBRATION OF Midnight Cowboy 40th Anniversary re: photos of a swanky afternoon among celebrities

The Philadelphia Gay Lesbian Film Festival is just kicking into high gear, don’t worry mom I am getting enough sleep to get by. Here we are Saturday afternoon being hosted by XIX and GM Jeffrey Miller for their generosity. As we enter the breath taking lounge we find equally breath taking Perri and Jarad who no doubt are disgusted that they have to pose one more time for Philly Chit Chat because I like my photoblog to have some continuity. And I need to do a photo check too, yep colors are perfect. Seriously kids smile next time, you guys can light up a room with your smiles, I’ve seen them I so made a beeline over to the women in the red hair after I received this email from my friend David Traupman who left me behind as he summers and winters in Miami with his beau Jesse Walters. Who as some of you may know refused to be a delegate in support of George W Bush at the 2004 Convention (I know he’s still a republican, but we can overlook that, he seems to be smarter than most -ouch, ok mom and dad are republicans too and I still love them) David writes: “Speaking of movies – I was speaking yesterday to Carol Coombes, the Director of the Miami GLBT festival and she is heading to Phila festival this weekend to speak on a panel (something regarding media and film). If you see a thin woman wearing dark lipstick and pink hair in an asymmetircal cut speaking in a British accent, it is her. Be sure to say hi and take lots of great pictures of her to post on your site. Carol is wonderful – she came to Miami after working with the London film festival and has really built up the festival here.” She is with girlfriend Raquel Berman and TLA staffer Lewis Tice. Karen Cornell is one of the sweetest of the sweets. She shoots for Philly Edge & Philly Gay Calendar when she’s not summering down the shore and shooting for the Cape May Herald (Don’t you love their Shout Out Page “Mrs Smith lets her children run around the yard in barefeet while the chickens roost there!” or “Would the women who gave me the finger while making a right on red, get off the damn phone and pay attention!”; if you ever stayed in Cape May County you’d know what I am talking about) here she is with girlfriend Beth Frank.

Director of last year’s “Four Letter Word” and this years “Between Love & Goodbye.” Alongside him between love and good bye is his boyfriend actor Ryan Turner. Could this be the new Mia & Woody, or Joel Cohen and Frances McDormand. Actors being directed by their spouses, by the looks of the movie greatness was achieved.
Denice Witkowski, Jen Hughes and Melanie Orpen who is just about to celebrate another birthday in a few weeks.

Cute, Jesse Cute that is. Really this guy has a lot to live up to with that name and I think he’s achieved it. They are all a bit cute, don’t ya think? Which one is Jesse Cute do you think?
My trio of happiness Sharon Pinkenson, Mary Patel and Susan Helfrich. Did you see the great shot of Susan and Sharon in last months Philadelphia Style Magazine. Great fashion shot. Paige Wolfe and Jackie
Tim Yates, VP OmeProductions, “Finding Me”, Sontaia P. Briggs President of One Productions and Donald Carter. I wish I had met these two after the film, which I saw last night. Nicely done, great storyline, exactly what the African-American community needs, an honest but optimistic gay storyline. No DL crap going on here.
John Herzins, Carlie Seltzer and Rich Goldberg

the XIX spread
Director Todd Stephens and actor Aaron Michael Davies
It’s time to go see the movie. If you noticed that you didn’t see the honorees of the night, it’s not a mistake as those shots may very well turn up in the press and well I can’t scoop myself.
Joey Ruggiero and Kathy Fowler. Check out Joey out at I went to school with a Kathy Fowler, she was a total Deadhead but also wore a tierra. I wonder what happened to her, I wonder if this KF is her daughter? Yea I’m that old, another birthday is just 8 days away, but I am having the time of my life so it doesn’t bother me like when I turned 25.