HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US BOTH re: ok and Happy Birthday to me in 7 days

July is a big month for us. We love July 4th, that’s why we have 2 parties. We bought our house in July. It’s our anniversary, really on 7/10, but Mike being the typical guy said he might not remember that day could we do it on the day that we had our first date, his birthday. I gave him Tomatos and peppers for that first date, I grew them in my community garden. Then the 3rd date on 7/23 I took him to meet my parents, I had never done that before, even though I had been out for 10 years. And the rest is history, our history. A very good history. Thanks to Mike I can bring you nightly updates of the Philly social events. He is also preparing the calendar, no pressure Mike, and helping out on the business end of things ’cause I’m the artist, I keep telling him, and he’s the business man, really mike you are.

So join me in wishing Mike a big Happy Birthday!!