AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ shows real genius as does the Ad Men (& women) at the Red Tettemer Advertising in Philadelphia

Red Tettemer Spinster Matthew Vlahos invited me over, well upstairs as we work in the same building, to take a few behind the scenes photos of a photo shoot the ad agency, where he works, was going to do in honor of its love for AMC’s television show about NYC advertising agency, Mad Men – which premieres its second season this Sunday, July 27 at 10PM. Every month RT changes the photo on their home page. In the past they have done a tribute to the infamous Annie Lebowitz Miley Cyrus photo shoot, some of you may remember the nearly infamous groundhog campaign (& Paris Hilton scandal which I got a little press on 11/7/07 entry), I love the viral campaign of the ground hogs running down Broad Street because it’s simply bizarre and abstract, which makes it a cult classic, the Valentine Day campaign and my favorite a bike team called the Weavers (you have to see the vid on their site). A gallery of their shoots for the site is found if you click “The Lobby” at the lower right of the screen.
I was excited to see the floor where Matt works, as it used to be the offices for the Independence Foundation in the 1990s, I knew someone that had worked there and they invited me over to shoot City Hall from the terrace one time when the boss was out of his office, funny story there but will save for another day. Originally this space was where Rodman Wanamaker built a penthouse residence for himself and the misses in the 1930s, he didn’t get to live there long. After the bell was installed his wife insisted they move due to the noise and reverberation. So the bell you hear on the hour, is not in City Hall tower, like many people think, it’s on top of the PNB building. His aunt did move in and lived there for about 20 years rent free. The ad agency pretty much left Rodman Wanamaker’s penthouse apartment intact, but altered the color scheme and subdivided one of the larger rooms. The employees seemed to be a cool bunch of people and have produce some really creative stuff. I often chat with them when sharing an elevator ride to my floor and they are always friendly. I found the lobby to be a sweet place to hang out.

The Elvis Room. Here you will find a few Elvis objects including a bust of Elvis. I mean really if Elvis can’t get you thinking out of the box, who can? Hair + Makeup: Margaux Perichon, Natasha Hallahan (getting her hairs did), Betty Lanza (hair stylist), Kelly Barnes (seated on arm of chair, partially blocked)
Margaux Perichon helps Jeff Gonick prepare for the shoot
(l-r) Rachel Timmerman, Natasha Hallahan, Jen Eisler getting into character in the primary colored reception area wearing their vintage clothes and teased hair.
This was a serious shoot, with serious equiptment, and experience. It was fun to watch Chris at work as well as I tried to figure out which of the models/employees were depicting which characters, and it wasn’t really too hard, even though I had only seen the show once. I love this colorful replica of Philadelphia’s City Hall and did chuckle as I watched the 1960s photoshoot begin. I have got to show my friend, City Hall Tour Director, Greta Greenberger this replica. RT occupies at least 3 floors in the building, and each lobby has some kind unique item in it. one floor has a large Remington Statue, cowboy on horse, and I think another one has tiny balls, each floor has the same crazy, bright color scheme as another friend works there and I was on her floor once too. The photographer, Chris Sembrot (agency photographer), sizes up the situation. Jen Eisler (seated), Jeff Gonick, Ty Burrowbridge, and Steve Red, president and chief creative officer. I can totally relate, he has the vision in his head and wants to see how it can play out in real life. He is even particular about the position of the typewriter, which I guess is just a tad out of place for his taste. Carla Mote, Jen Eisler (seated), Jeff Gonick, Ty Burrowbridge, and Rachel Timmerman,
OK ready, and he’s off. BTW I asked isn’t smoking indoors illegal in Philly, well the cigs weren’t lit and the smoke was added via photoshop, so no fines are necessary. Chris Sembrot (agency photographer), Steve Red (president + chief creative officer), Michael Barker (Executive Creative Director), Natasha Hallahan (seated), Greg Spiker (partially blocked)
The final results, and if the shot was larger you would see the smiles on their faces. What I like is how Natasha Hallahan (seated) stays in character. I guess she’s a pro having been in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village.”

To see the final results check out:

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