On Tuesday night the Philly Style Mag party with Terrence Howard was conveniently across the street from the closing night movie of PIGLFF at the Prince Theater. Note the Scion Car outside the theater as was one of the major sponsors of the night.The 14th Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival kicked off with a scream and floated out on a song. A packed house was enthralled by the screening of Were the World Mine, which was preceded by our Festival favorites Michaela Majoun and Robert Drake presenting this year’s awards.Were the World Mine won the SCION Award for First Time Director; Here Thom Cardwell ends the night in a snappy red sports coat with winning director Tom Gustafson, Director; Judy McLane, Cast Member and Cory James KrueckebergThen it was on to the Top of the Tower for the closing night party. The evening was beautiful and the sky was clear as I shot my favorite building in Philadelphia, City HallTom, Mike and Andrew David Bursky, Sean Healy and Stu Cary Stacey, Richard & Michelle As the night wore on and the lights were dimmed tomfoolery took hold of even the most sane folks, and to tell you the truth, I love such foolishness

Michael Wiener and Elizabeth Hodur (Avant-garde, reminds me of Sonny and Cher a bit, like in this similar outfit – ) Mary Patel with her new guy Michael D’Addesi producer/film maker (See anything different, Michael shaved his beard since the 7/13 entry and looks fabulous!!) Currently the two can be found in San Diego as Michael produces a comic book that is making an appearance at Comic -Con this week.Ben, Matt, Joey and Dan Steve McCann and Laura Burkhardt make the scene Mark A Dahl and Desirée Hines; Come join them at Runway Project with your hostess Franny Klum every Wednesday night at National Mechanics
Laura and David Curson (Yes of that Curson family. I bet he has some great stories of some of the fancy ladies that have come through his place)

Sometimes the night just got out and out messy

Steve, David and Mike (I think my influence of button down shirts has rubbed off on Mike, doesn’t he look spiffy tonight)

Is that the normal background at the top of the tower and what is it?
Angela, Gail and Tiona McClodden, filmmaker of one of my favorite films of the festival: Black/Womyn Conversations I sure did learn a lot in that film
I totally get when Heather Coutts says “my feet hurt. hard to be a high femme sometimes!”A festival photographers, a young artist that will be going places Dave Garrett Sarrafian with a real doll model
The main festival photographer Gail Kamenish, who’s long time boyfriend, Bill is always so nice to lend her to the festival 26 days out of the year. He usually picks her up at the end of the PIGLFF and they go on a little vacation. See you next year kids…
Howie Craig & Chris Matlack

The Smirnoff bar was flowing all night long
Dan and Ally Fessenden (husband wife?) Connie Allison, Kendra Jones and a mysterious women
Corefiles you will learn that you can’t keep a good Matt down Lewis Tice, Nicke Zepeda and Larry Feiler
I swear Thom was gonna do that thing where you tell someone they have a spot on their tie and then go “Whoop” and tap them on the chin. Steve is on the right

Tom, and Matthew Ray take a lick out of Nick (Hello Matth are you related to Gene Simmons?)
Mike captured this shot as we were making our way down in the elevator Mike & Joey

The photo from the party that was published in the Inquirer today. I think Edith Steele had her self a good time Let it be known that I tamed this post down, you kids were wild and I will be uploading photos to my facebook which will be maybe a little more racier