PHILADELPHIA SOUL PARADE PHOTOS re: Who doesn’t love a parade, even if it was really a motorcade

[Note to some of my readers: I might have photographed you at one or two events Thursday night, those photos will be up early next week. If you are a long time reader you know why, look for my photos in INQLings on Sunday B2] Family Soul Pride – dad, son, dad, son all with the #7 on for Tony Graziani, who returned to Philadelphia for his fourth season as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the Arena Football League. (Also wasn’t that Ron Jaworski’s #?)
Everyone loves a parade, even if it was a motorcade, they didn’t shut the streets down, but thankfully we are not NYC and I was able to get a few good shots

This scene really deserves a video. This guy was swinging his arm around, clenching a fist and punching it into the air. It was just what the business crowd needed to wake them up.
Hey there’s Pierre Robert, what’s the cane for? I thought it was perfect I shot him in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, don’t ya think?

When did Kathy Griffin become a cheerleader>
Hello, is he the pin-up boy for the Soul, #16 Connor Hughes, Kicker. He was blowing kisses, giving shout outs, he’s one wild dude. Girls form a line to the right, he’s single.
Chris “Money” Jackson (hmm what’s with the name?)Ron Jaworski
The crowds lined Market Street for the motorcade

The Cup Returns to Philly, er well a CUP returns to philly; and this guy is going to make sure he gets a photo of it no matter what.
The crowds lined both sides of Market. People pulled out their cell phones and shot a few. I wonder what those babies look like?
Oh I already mentioned Kathy Griffin on the cheerleading squad right?

Phil BogleThat photographer is determined to get a shot, now hold still. Seriously I am obsessive, but do you really have to follow the cup up Market Street and take more than 50 shots, I mean the light changes as you pace the cup, but the cup remains the same.

This guy on the left looks so grouchy; Why so grouchy, do you have a wedgie like #65?

It could be worse, you could be stuck in this traffic mess.
watching the parade as it passes you by

Over at the Rally, the fans take their positions

#11 Mike Brown, WR/DB is one crazy dude
Come on are you going to tell me that someone didn’t sign up to vote yet? geez

#81 Chris Jackson, gives some skin to Jon Bon Jovi
Although I am going to have to say this is one of my all time favorite photos. Jon Bon Jovi is totally connecting with that kid in the forefront and smiling for his camera. If I were a mind reader I would think he is thinking to himself “I remember when I was a kid and I had a dream and here I am.” I’m sure after this championship for the Soul their attendence will shoot up, as I hope mine will after the 1400 folks that googled Philadelphia Soul Parade yesterday arrived at my site. So please come back again.