IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE HEARD everything about the new Cafe Cret, think again!!

Much has been written about regarding the new Café Cret; According to Inga Saffron, Cope Linder Architects’ design for Café Cret, under construction at 16th Street and the Parkway, can trace its roots to Laurie Olin’s work at New York’s Bryant Park. (BTW every year I photograph the celebrities that attend Fashion Week atBryant Park. This is where I will be 9/4 – 9/12, so I won’t be covering anything in Philly that week)The Philadelphia landscape architect, Laurie Olin, rescued the derelict public space in the late 1980s, when he reinterpreted its neoclassical plan and installed food kiosks around the perimeter that were designed in a Gilded Age style.
He hopes that the design and placement of the new Café Cret will do the same to kick off the revitalization of the Parkway. Although the Center City District and The Fairmount Park Commission owns the land they will be leasing it David Wagaman of Capriccio’s who won the bid to run the cafe about 2 years ago.
Capriccio’s Café Cret is named after designer Paul Cret. Opening is pegged to Labor Day. It will dispense tourism info along with java.
Café Cret will also serve the usual sandwiches we loved from the Warwick location, but also bring to the table two of Philadelphia’s favorite sweets Bassett Ice Cream and Lore’s Chocolate
According to Phoodie ( ) “Like the past Capriccio locations both food and drink will be offered at the Café, however the new location will offer lots of outdoor seating and an in-laid tv screen on the outside of the building featuring Center City sites. The new location hopes to welcome existing customers as well as the commuting and tourist crowds and simultaneously create a relaxing area on the parkway.”

So look for an opening around Labor Day. Tentive hours are 7 days a week, 7Am til 8PM, and a bit later in the Summer months.