With all the inexpensive places to get pedicures, I think there’s a few people who wear sandals should look into one
I wonder if this guy woke up and said “I’m gonna wear my favorite shirt with the hole in it?”

I like that people stand in line to get their photo taken with the Rocky statue; I wish they would hold their arms up like Rocky.
This is one of my favorite murals. It’s at 22nd & Walnut. It’s a wall painting to look like brick and windows. In the window is the reflection of a church that used to be where the Sunoco station sits. There’s a shadow of the church on the building to the right of this picture of the same church.
Nice sunset Saturday night. This is near Front and Vine. We were headed to
4th Street Pub, where they have good burgers, but it’s loud and cigarettes are $6. I’m glad I quit smoking a few years back. Now if only I could lose the freshman 10
Then we went to the Franklin Ice Cream shoppe. There medium’s are large. Small would have been better, but I muddled through and ate my whole Cafe Le Layfayette.
Mike and I hung out with George & Jeremy. Remember Jeremy is the crazy dude who did the 60 mile race along the drives 2 Saturday’s ago.
The only thing this is good for is framing Camden City Hall. I used to be a paralegal there when I first got out of school. SO I kinda love the building.
Some girls riding in a limo along Market Street standing up in the moon roof.
at 18th & Walnut there is a solar powered trash compactor sponsored by the CCD

There is alcohol in 4 flavors of Gelatti at gelatti place at 20th and Sansom.
Ought oh, someone tagged Oprah Winfrey’s favorite Bed & Breakfast over near Rittenhouse Sq.

Bob & Matt, Mike and I hung out Saturday during the dayWe’re fairly lame, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for Brunch. Did you ever have the salad bar there. They put the expensive stuff in the back, but you can’t reach it easily as the glass protector cuts you off at the elbow. So I had a lot of lettuce.
I should’ve eaten at one of the burger places, despite not being able to eat jalapenos.

Modell Sporting Goods is moving into the old Lohmen’s Plaza store, and before that it was Today’s Man. I think that’s a good move as there’s no good sporting stores around, well except City Sports, but I think they have a lame selection. I like their shirts though.
Bath & Body works is now two stores away from The Body Shop at Liberty One
The next time the residents in my building complain about their $140 a month parking, I will send them this photo.