Quest Love’s Air Questo Air Force 1 PHILADELPHIA UBIQ SALE – re: is waiting in line worth it?

(Photos for this event will be posted after Sunday) After work yesterday (Monday), I was walking down Walnut Street and noticed these folks sitting in line. I thought hmm maybe they are waiting for jobs for the new restaurant going in where Striped Bass used to be. Being a curious kinda guy, and well Philly Chit Chat likes to report on good humor hopeful stories I went over and asked what the line was for. The guy in the white shirt, who would only give his name as Eddie, said they were waiting for the new ?uest Nike Sneakers at UBIQ, the sneaker and streetwear institution in Philadelphia at 1509 Walnut, which is across the street from where Eddie was waiting in line SINCE SATURDAY AT NOON.
After picking my jaw up off the ground I asked what the big deal was. He said he was there for his kid and his best friend who were # 2 & #3 in line. He told me the Air Questo Sneakers were $225. I asked well do you collect sneakers. He said he has for years. Was he a big collector of pokemono cards; No was the curt response. Then the truth came out. “Did you know these sneakers are selling for $1,000 on EBay, but we’re just going to keep ours” That’s when I thought, now I know he’s crazy, sell one of those pairs Eddie!! (I know what you’re thinking.. 42hrs/$1000, rats, rain, heat, where the heck is the bathroom? Maybe you’ll change your mind after this…)

Ron Crawford gave me the 411 (do people still use that lingo) anyway Ron says that the shoes will be rung up by ?uest and the store only has 96 pairs. Altogether Nike produced 300 pairs making these sneakers a very limited edition. These sneakers were only offered in THREE cities in the US. NYC – because of its trend setting nature, LA for the flash and cash, and Philadelphia because of it’s birthright in music and ?uest is from here.Not just any sneakers, but a pair designed by Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, drummer for the Grammy-winning hip-hop band, The Roots. Thompson designed the $225 red, green and gold Air Force 1 sneakers as part of the shoe company’s 1World collection, which will feature 18 designs over eight months.

“These Air Questo’s right here are an extension of my personality. Kind of all-over-the-place” said ?uest Love. “I just wanted to start off with a very loud statement, a sneaker that sort of has 12 exclamation points behind it. Something that just screams “Rahhhhrr” so you know, this is an extension of my personality. The inside (of the shoe) is of me drumming. Yeah, inside art is very important to me. Even though you’re the only person that sees it from a consumer standpoint but, I sorta know you put a lot of work into it as a designer based on how your shoe is designed on the sole.” – ?UESTThe shoe features a mixture of burgundy leather and red canvas with neon green elephant print. It has red shoelaces, a lasered silhouette of ?uestlove, and a golden Nike swoosh. ?uestlove proclaims these shoes to be “an extension of [his] personality” as he strives to make “a very loud statement, a sneaker that sort of has 12 exclamation points behind it.”

1st floor: Men’s and ladies kicks up front. Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Clae etc.
Toys and men’s apparel to the aft. Undefeated, Alphanumeric, Futura Laboratories, aNYthing, Kid Robot, etc.
I’m told both men and women find these particular shoes attractive which are almost-ridiculous-looking Nikes, but if there’s a market for them that’s terrific.

outlandishly colored row after row. I like it, I think I will look for my September fashion week shoes her, or maybe something to wear to all the events I shoot. I have been looking for my little schtick and I don’t like bow ties or colorful sports jackets.
The main floor, but don’t forget to go to the 2nd floor: for Vans, Chucks and a bit of clothing.
These cases hold limited edition sneakers from years gone by (2001 -2006) ranging in the price between $1000 and $4000.
Duckie tells me that tomorrow is more than just a limited edition sale of ?UEST Sneakers “It’s like Willie Wonka, because 8 of the shoes have golden laces which are very limited edition as they only made 25 pairs with the gold laces and tips.
Also included in the “Golden Ticket” sneaks are a pair of tickets to a special Roots concert. “People look at you like, ‘A pair of sneakers?'” Eddie said. “But they don’t understand, it’s a culture.” So look for Eddie at the head of the line throughout the day Tuesday, because the sneaker sale doesn’t begin until 6PM when Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, drummer for the Grammy-winning hip-hop band, The Roots rings up the sales himself, and then spins for an hour.
August 5
UBIQ Walnut Street
1509 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102