ARE THE LOCUST CLUB DAYS NUMBER re: 8+2 is 10, whats worse adults who spent a million or kids in school?

I remember the prominently Jewish social club, The Locust Club with it’s green awning’s and uniformed doorman greeting its smartly dressed members as they arrived for dining or cocktails. But as progress rolled on and the prejudice that once kept Jewish patrons from entering the doors of other clubs, including the Union League, the dwindling numbers hit the Locust Club hard. The once 1000 membership strong fell to less than 300 in the early 1990s and the Club closed. A series of promising restaurants were never able to succeed here, and the building fell silent. In 2004, a developer filed plans to build a 10 story condo project after obtaining the two adjoining brownstones; he was met with neighborhood opposition. Progress is again rearing it’s ugly head, and on Friday July 8, the 1610 – 1618 there’s a 9AM at 1515 Arch Street 18th Floor the Historic Commission will review the application a 10 story structure which will be a music school and 23 dormitory rooms. The facade of two of the buildings
will be saved.Soon Philadelphia can offer tours of the facade’s of what were once great buildings, we will start with the building that was once in front of the Penn Mutual building at 6th and Walnut, then go to the window casing at 8th and Chestnut, then over to the the façade of the c. 1900 Beaux-Arts style Rittenhouse Club where they are building 10 Rittenhouse Square as well as others…
The basement will be reserved for classrooms and a cafeteria. The Roof will have a terrace.

The white permit is from that failed project I spoke of earlier – $1 Million Condo’s. The big complaint then was the building of an 8 story building, the music school wants to build 10 story, seems a lot worse for the shadow that will fall on the historic St. Mark’s across the street. At the time this quote appeared in the Phila Biz Journal: “The biggest issue is the height and the impact on the church’s garden,” said Richard C. DeMarco, an attorney at Klehr Harrison representing St. Mark’s. “The garden is part of the church’s identity, and the building is not sympathetic to the church.” Was the four years of four abandoned buildings enough to get this project done?
I imagine this hallway will be demolished, can I have the wainscoting?
If you have something to say please attend the meeting
Friday 9AM at 1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor