(Photos from last night’s Philadelphia Style Magazine – The White Party, will be posted on Monday, because today is 08/08/08 and…) Last week I joined Where!! Magazine’s Laura Burkhardt, Will Kline, Karen Gross and Zelinda O’Hara along with Carlotta & Chumley for a celebrity bartending event which was part of the Kildare’s Charity Summer Series. Their event benefited Action AIDS.

A nice crowd came out to support the cause. The youthful with Perez like zingers Carlotta, Zelinda O’Hara & Mark Singer Chumley and Laura Burkhardt.

Jeff Alexander, Christine McGuigan, Michael Strunk, Sean Bivens all from Beneficial Bank said they were willing to walk the 10 blocks for another Kildare’s roast beef sandwich at lunch the following day.

Todd Siwinski and Meredith Lindemon – Daily Candy. Who was boldfaced and in Dan Gross’ column yesterday:”Comcast founder Ralph Roberts and actress wife Suzanne were among diners at Parc (18th & Locust) Tuesday night where they sat at a table away from, but had no interaction with, Meredith Lindemon of Yesterday came word the cable giant bought the events listings site for $125 million. Philly is one of 13 cities with DailyCandy newsletters.” (When something is boldfaced it means of somewhat important, so it’s highlighted, it catches your eye and maybe the reader might really pay attention and read it and not just skim it. Hmm maybe I’ll start doing that) Todd works on set designson movies including Philly made “The Village” and “David Searching”David Schwartz, Marty Futrell, Doug Schaller, Michael Soileau, and Rob Goldman

My BF Mike Toub, Mark Beyerle and Terese Balzereit, director of international marketing at the Pennsylvania Tourism Office . Mark Beyerle, owner of Specialty Solutions Group, which operates a catering business and tours and events for visitors. Mark spoke to me about the new bill, sponsored by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, to test tour guides in the City. He said that there was “much conditional work” needed, including the distinction between guides and escorts, public and private tours and whether out-of-town tour groups would be exempt from the bill. “We support the spirit of it. We don’t necessarily believe that an application and test will make a better guide,” Byerly said.

Robert Weinberg and Anthony Padilla
Ellen Himic of Ellen Himic Jewelery designer, Kristin and Enrique Garcia, with Laura Burkhardt and Dolph Ward Goldenburg, William Way Center Director. Dolph says that we have until August 15 to make a donation where an anonymous donor will match it dollar for dollar. Which reminds me I want to cut that check today.
The newlyweds Dino Minelli and Carrie Nork Minelli, Cashman & Assocs. Yes that’s her official name now. In September their wedding story will be featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I will keep you posted.
Laura Blumenthal, Gigi Lamm, Spencer Lamm and Bridget Keegan who had fun drinking their beers through the funny straws that were provided by Carlotta
Today’s Laura’s 2nd Annual Big Bang Birthday on 08/08/08 – Happy Birthday Laura!!
Auction Items that helped bring the total amount raised for Action AIDS was $799 (Damn couldn’t someone kick in another $1)

next week 8/14 celebrity guests are:
Joe Conklin, “Man of 1,000 Voices” Gwen Gioia, The Bachelorette Kharisma McIlwaine, The CW Crew Gervase Peterson, Survivor (To be seen in Butch Cordova’s Straight Men/Gay Men Calendar)
Christian Ramirez-Coll, The CW Crew Diego, Q102 (Could you call Booker to the bar?)