PHILADELPHIA STYLE MAGAZINE White hot Summer Party re: Mojitos & Photos

How excited was I when I got an invitation from John M. Colabelli, publisher of Philadelphia Style Magazine to celebrate the Bacardi Mojito, Then I read OMG it’s a White Party. Now I know about White Parties as P Daddy Diddy Puff has one every July 4th in the Hampton’s and I always enjoy checking out the photos from that event.

For me it immediately instilled fear and loathing as I don’t look so hot in white. As I am just getting my Nutrisystem diet under way (have you seen Perez Hilton, that boy has lost 30lbs) I thought no way am I going to look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy

But then better heads prevailed as some of my friends had been invited too and told me I had to go; then PR Style Diva (as I call her) Sarah Doheny sent me a message saying she heard I wasn’t going, she was disappointed especially since I “had to see her couture Ostrich dress” she had made for the event, (she told me ostrich’s were not harmed in the process, but I thought for sure a few of them must be cold now) Below is Sarah and most beautiful and classy dress I have seen in awhile (& I have shot NYC Fashion Week for 3 seasons). Sarah knows how to turn it out and kick a party up a notch or two. With her is her long time beau John Soden. I was glad I went as the party really was fun, most guests got into the spirit decked out in their white outfits.

Erin Elmore and Dr. Shareef Jandali simply forgot they told me. But they were in good company as there were a few others, and heck they are so fun I’m glad they stayed.These girls are all good friends, each with their own personality and style. Michelle Ranieri with Fuji Water, Elaine Grabar, Aida Mancini, Jill Rizen, Marisa Stevens and Kimmi Ragone

Darby Kline and Peter Kubilus (Architectural Photographer ) enjoying fashion photographer Michael Spain-Smith’s deck at sunset; everyone enjoyed their Bacardi Mojito. I I should have asked what the green leaves were, probably mint, what do you think?

Making the scene and lately the social columns, Jessiah Styles and his lovely wife Janita “Applebaum” Styles. It was just last week that they were partying with CSI: NY ‘s Hill Harper at G Lounge, and a few weeks before I snapped Snoop Dogg when I attended Jessiah’s party in the Mogul room at the same location. I still need to write about the Snoop Dogg event, because there’s more to it then what was in the Inquirer where my photo appeared.

I don’t know if this was the normal set up for the DJ or something Philly Style Mag, Client Relations director, party coordinator Martyna Sliwinska cooked up because it was a smokin area for the DJ. Also interesting to see that no matter how crowded the room became, no one invaded this space.

What’s a party without the Nicole Miller Girls. There’s only two so far tonight, Jillian and Kari. Eww I do believe I ID’d Jillian incorrectly in our first photo meeting, and called her Erin with the chocolate cigar. Hope I caught that correction before it went to publication. If not you read it here first, I goofed. But now that I have photographed her 3xs that won’t happen again. Michael Spain-Smith’s studio was done up in themed decoration. In the center of this photo is the guy who founded Philadelphia Style Magazine and this year sold it to Niche Publication, John M. Colabelli, Publisher. I remember when that sale occurred, I was very impressed that he and the staff were kept on to run the magazine, and to adapt to the Niche already established working model. As you know I am a great fan of Ocean Drive, Gotham and the Hampton magazines. That night I picked up Vegas, LA Confidential and Washington Files (gotta love those names) magazines to review to improve my writing and style.

The newlyweds, seriously talk about beautiful people with sex appeal that lights up the room when they walk in, Carrie Nork Minelli and Dino Minelli. They tell me the Inquirer wedding section has done a story on them which should appear in mid September. I will keep you informed as I am totally on it, I want to know how they met. My second blog was called “How They Met” but it was impossible to keep on top of it and do a good job on Philly Chit Chat. ( )

Equally beautiful Nicole Cashman (The Cashman of Cashman & Associates) and Attorney Justin Wineburgh. Secretly I call them the Charlies Angel PR firm; they do the job well while still looking so beautiful. Nicole was only there for a hot minute as she was working late, but she looked fabulous and accessorized her outfit with an Oscar de la Renta purse.

Kaycee Cashman cut her hair a few weeks back and it looks wonderful highlighting her sparkling eyes and her long neck. She tells me that she loves her new look and was glad she took the plunge. With her is Chima Marketing Director Vinnie Dinatale and Tom Harris.

Michelle Miller, Aaron Clarke Karin Annerhed and Vince Harris enjoying their Bacardi Mojito’s

Michael Bonner, ? Jacoby (glad I have them write their own names, I can’t take the blame for missing his) and Richard Ross.

PR Sheryl Raskin ( ), PR Meredith Trotter (congratulations on the upcoming little one) and vixen Carrie Nork. Sometimes PR people are invited to these events to thank them for coordinating other events for the host, or maybe referring clients. It’s a nice time to see the people that you may normally only see out in the field. I know when I am at these events, I could just relax, and I do, but I also like to capture the moments for you.

Hayden Panittiere, ok not, but Lauren Pappas is an actress/model and every bit as beautiful as Hayden, with her is an equally stylish PR guy Anthony DiMeo III, President & CEO of RENAMITY Public Relations & Special Events:

The effervescent Susan Helfrich and Richard Wolff.

Karen, who looks fabulous, but unfortunately I only took this one shot, Red Tettemer’s spinster PR Matt Vlahos and Celebrity Cruising Susan Helfrich

Actress Naina Michaud, I know your thinking another actress with a house arrest ankle bracelet, me too. So I got a closer look and noticed that it was a little ankle purse. Naina tells me it’s a runner’s purse and is usually attached to ones arm, but she tans quickly and as an actress/model doesn’t want that tan line.

WXPN’s Patti Singer, Donna Coghlan and Donna Govberg. Patti is a talented photographer who’s work can be seen here: Donna Coghlan is always so generous to me, introducing me to people of interest, besides being a generally nice person.

It was fun looking at all the Philly Style Magazine’s on the wall. Michael Spain-Smith took alot of the cover shots.

Nicole Miller’s Carly Walko, John M. Colabelli and Lauren O’Dorisio (Lauren call me, I want to get Pearl in the paper, you don’t want me shooting all my celebrities at G lounge and getting them press all the time, do you? )

It’s time to go with a wave from Erin Elmore. Erin is involved with “Hold the Door” A non-profit agency inspired by the acts of courageousness on 9/11, dedicated in empowering people to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. They are having a golf outing on 9/8/08 and are looking for donations for their silent auction.

And let’s have one last look at that stunning dress PR Style Diva Sarah Doheny is wearing. I challenge anyone in the sound of my voice to beat this dress in the coming season. It’s just flawless, don’t you think?Thanks Philly Style Magazine and Bacardi Mojito for a fabulous party!!