?UEST Quest Love’s NIKE AIR FORCE 1 ONE The Philadelphia Stop

Last week a bunch of what I thought were crazy folks laid out up to 45hrs to get a hold of a pair of sneakers for $235; ?uestlove was very generous in making sure his sneakerhead supporters were very comfortable, throughout the day he had brought them boxes of donuts as well as bottled water and even signed autographs and took pictures.
?UEST Quest Love’s NIKE AIR FORCE 1 ONE sneakers
there were some legitimate crazies as this girl wanted ?uest to sign her passport. At first he refused, but she was persistent and he gave in.
The people who waited in line were led in in groups of 7. Here is an UBIQ employee bringing the troops in, he is wearing a shirt that was free to all who attended.
The First Diehard Camper is Finally Permitted To Buy His Pairs and greet ?uest, Edie Ortiz waited in line for over 40hrs and got the first golden pair ltd ltd edition. There were only 8 to give away at this store and it entitled the sneakerhead to two tickets to a Roots concerts, and I believe a second pair of the regular red toed shoes, as a lot of these folks seemed to have two boxes. Since Eddie had a broken foot and had to manage his crutches I helped him put his shoes back in his bag.

This is the shot that appeared in Michael Klein’s Inqlings in the Phila Inquirer. I knew when I shot it it was perfect because of their eye contact, smiles and the signed box. You know a picture tells a thousand words kinda thing.

I read on a Sneaker message board that UBIQ had a little problem with the stock of these shoes, as they were supposed to have 96 pairs to give away, but only about 60 came in: “UBIQ apologizes for the whole “stock” issue. It was a rush delivery to the store so we didn’t receive the whole 90 pairs + that we were suppose to get. ” I wonder if they gave rainchecks, I am gonna run over and see if they have any shoes that came in this weeks shipment.
But it seemed like they had a lot of Gold Toed shoes as my head was spinning they seemed to be in the first couple boxes that were opened. ?uest seemed surprised too, stating “Didn’t you mix them up?” But how would UBIQ know where the golden toes were, all the boxes were sealed upon arrival.?uest give some love

Marsha Ambrosius from the group Floerty and Frank Knuckles from The Roots
Go Obama!!
Here’s a good recap of photos: