Philadelphia Fringe Festival is coming re: See FOOT LOCKER or one hundreds of performances, support Philadelphia Arts

If you ask what’s new and exciting in the arts, the Seventh annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival, starting what seems to be somewhat early on August 29 and ending September 13, has at least a hundred different answers.
Monday night I was invited to Plays & Players to watch 8 previews of snippets from the upcoming festival. The room was packed, they were expecting maybe 50 people, but over 100 showed up. Hosted by the very funny duo Owen Timoney & Shoshi Hill from Madcap Theater Company
Putting together a Fridge show isn’t easy; there are many considerations to keep in mind when coordinating a production such as finding a show, selecting the right festivals, publicity, budget, travel and accommodations, ticket sales, and the list goes on. Daniel Student
Artistic Associate Strategic Planning & Action Committee for the Plays & Players greets the crowd
One of the first “The Play about the Coach” was an interesting character study of a coach during the NCAA Championship game. It was intense, and as a voyeur, interesting to see life from his point of view.
Mike and I loved, loved, loved this play as it’s so autobiographical: “My Inner Child Needs A Babysitter. I don’t want to spoil it, but it was hysterical.
We also loved FOOT LOCKER, a cabaret show and 2008 Philly Fringe event, starring Keith Kaczorowski and Tom Wilson Weinberg, comes to The Willie Way Cabaret, 1315 Spruce Street, on Friday and Saturday, September 12 and 13, performances at 7 and 9 PM each night.

Kaczorowski and Weinberg last appeared together in The Keith & Tom Show. Now they return to the cabaret stage with a new show for Philly Fringe.

Every composer has a trunk, a foot locker full of gems scrapped at dress rehearsal, novelty numbers that ended up on the cutting room floor, romantic ballads for lovable villains and character songs for characters who went missing. I don’t say all this just because, FOOT LOCKER is produced by friend David Perkiss. No if it sucked I probably would have just said how terrible the photo came out and I had nothing to write about, and even though the photo does lack, I the show was excellent, and Keith has a flawless voice and connects well with the audience.

Tickets are $15 and available at The Fringe Box Office, 215-413-1318 or The Fringe offers a $10 ticket to anyone under 25.Plays: 9/12 & 9/13 (Which is great as I get back from the NY Fashion show on 9/13 so I can catch it)

After the preview, their was a bar and snacks.
as well as a rather loud band for our entertainment.In a side room were volunteers from each play to sell you advance tickets for their perspective shows.

It’s a great idea to have these previews as for me out of the eight there are only about 4 that I want to see. I saved some money. Two of them are pictured here…
The good news is you can catch a preview at Plays & Players

Mondays, August 18 and 25 at 8PM
Click here to purchase tickets for the Philly Fringe Preview