WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE gym – THE IROQUOIS the $10 Million Playground

I was I was walking home from work and I saw this sight and I thought, oh good I’ll shoot this idiot breaking his neck.
Because my other thought was this thing cost $10 million bucks and you are treating it like a jungle gym.
I wonder what Mark di Suvero would think of the people that climb all over his sculpture?
Eventually the guy moved over to a place where I thought he was going to slide down. I notice the graffiti on the sculpture and thought I had heard they covered the sculpture in Anti-graffiti paint? Guess not!

Then I was thinking, he’s going to slide down on his stomach, that is crazy
but it turns out he was smarter than that and walked down the sides using the rubber souls on his shoes
Don’t try this at home, or if you do please call me I want to photograph you possibly breaking your neck, maybe I just have become a little less adventurous since the last birthday?
Check out this you tube video where a few people use the sculpture for somthing I am sure Mark di Suvero didn’t intend, but it does look like fun. (PS Tomorrow I will be breaking big and exciting news for Philadelphia, but I promised my source I wouldn’t post it til after 10AM)