John Heinz Refuge Photos re: it’s easier to shoot people than nature

Philly Chit Chat realized this weekend that with his busy schedule he has barely communed with nature this year and decided to travel to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum with his friend Marty who is an avid birdwatcher and nature lover .
It went fairly well, but I prefer to shoot people as they seem to stay put longer than the birds, butterflies and dragonflies.
It was a beautiful day
I was excited to see wild turkeys.
Marty spotted an opposum in a tree, he’s got a good eye
I do love that we have nature in our own backyard.I hope a lot of you got out and enjoyed the beautiful day. Great Blue Heron

The path is well marked so you could bring the whole family to explore, but be quiet so you don’t disturb nature
Objects are larger than they appear
Great Egrets

It’s hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner Black and White orcolor?

Philly Chit Chat is busy getting ready for NY Fashion Week Spring 2009. I will be up there from 9/4 – 9/8, and if I don’t exhaust myself too much, 9/11 & 9/12. But during that time I will be writing about my experience. This week I will be doing a little catch up posting events I haven’t had time to report about, and then next week I will be writing behind the scenes of what my week during Fashion Week will be like. It’s like the Super Bowl of celebrities, models, personalities and events. Also if you are around Tuesday night, Bernadette Peters is playing at the Mann Music Center. It should be a spectacular night with music and great weather. Hope to see you there.