Patriots, Pirates, Heroes & Spies: Stories from Historic Philadelphia book launch

As part of my “Cleaning house” and posting about events that have slipped through the Philly Chit Chat crack I bring you an event that occurred way back in July, but is still relevant today, and dare I say for the holidays that are just around the corner. It’s only 4 months away from Christmas as of yesterday and this informative book would be the perfect gift for someone you care about. From day to night, Historic Philadelphia has everything you want to see and do! One of the experiences that they bring you are storytellers who tell tales about Revolutionary War-era figures and other notable people and events from Philadelphia’s history, including:

  • The first bank robbery in the US
  • A Philadelphia witch trial
  • The invention of bubble gum
  • The hiking and camping adventures of a young boy who became a renowned artist and horticulturist.

Once Upon A Nation presents many of these stories in a collection of 20 of their most popular stories featured in their Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Program! The book launch took place at the Free Quaker Meeting House at 5th and Arch Streets, and attracted a crowd of volunteers and friends of Historic Philadelphia Inc.; Sandra Mackenzie Lloyd, Editor of Patriots, Pirates, Heroes & Spies Distinguished guests included HPI Board Chair Wayne Spilove, Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation,
These enthusiastic and knowledgeable storytellers ring their storytelling bells and invite visitors to sit on beautiful semi-circular benches placed in such locations as Independence Hall, Christ Church, and the National Constitution Center (in Philadelphia)

or in Washington’s Headquarters (Valley Forge).

“This book is a long-awaited result of requests and positive feedback Historic Philadelphia, Inc. has received from our audience,” explains Amy Needle, President and CEO of Historic Philadelphia, Inc. “We are so excited to be able to create this colorful, hardcover, high-quality product that gives these memorable stories new life in written form.” Gov. Rendell holds up a copy of the book.
Once Upon A Nation is a unique Philadelphia attraction that truly brings history to life. The storytellers who share these stories bring history to life for visitors in Philadelphia and Valley Forge.

It was after this event that I really got a good look of the Independence Hall area since they finished the landscaping and construction was complete. It was very impressive and the vision the city planners envisioned look like they were met.