FASHION ROCK NEW YORK CITY 2008 re: Fashion Week Spring 2009 week continues

This is the one big event that makes that chaos of Fashion week well worth it
My friend Matthew Vlahos was in NYC on Tuesday and shot what will eventually
look something like this when I step on to it’s red carpet to set up my camera and capture the beautiful people tonight (Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Rhianna) at Fashion Rocks 2008 at Radio City Music Hall at 4PM (thats what time I have to be there; then arrivals are at 5PM when you are just getting out of work)
Before I became a celebrity photographer I watched the action from across the street, vowing that someday I would be on the other side shooting the celebrities, instead of getting a lot of
hands (Denise Richards and Ritchie Sambora, so you know it wasn’t that long ago – LOL)
and heads (The still married Baby Phat’s Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons)After a lot of hard work, and a lot of luck and being in the right place, that day finally came last year when I was credentialed to shoot from the red carpet and get
Mary J. Blige to finally get me some fashion and a smile. Everytime I tried to shoot her as a fan she blew me off.

Ashlee Simpson after nose job, before pregnancy (every time I tried to shoot her as a fan, she blew me off)Russell Simmons and J-Lo before pregnancy announcement (Russell is a great guy; J-lo diva, but great on the red carpet, fun in between shots, funny, but then puts on the act and the potty lips when she needs to [Kimora Lee super, super nice; never responds when I send her a request to shoot her fashion shows, but I love her anyway])
Nicole Ritchie, the first photos of her pregnant (too thin and vapid)

Mischa Barton, no one wants to get her pregnant (very nice; posed for me as a fan, and does it up for the cameras too)Tyra, is she even a women? Ok stop. This Tyra shot was the first photo I had published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in Michael Klein’s column; So happy 1 year anniversary to INQlings and me!! I’ve had a photo in MK’s column almost every week for over a year.
I may if I have the time, publish photos I take over the next 5 days in NYC during Fashion Week, otherwise I will have a recap on Monday of the weekend events. Tomorrow I am photographing Charlize Theron, Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny and who knows who I will come across; otherwise it’s back to my favorite subject Philadelphia on Tuesday as I will be covering the Pioneer Awards at the Kimmel Center on Tuesday night bringing on the excitement back to you for Wednesday morning. Thanks for reading about my Fashion Weeks adventures. HughE