Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronsom next to get married? re: NY Fashion Week at Bryant Park 2008

The girls arrive at the Tent to see Samantha’s sister’s Charlotte Ronson Collection. This is where I made a colossal mistake. I should have picked up my ALL ACCESS pass before they arrived, because after they went inside they denied everyone. These mistakes are hard lessons as it would have given me access to shoot the front row and backstage. For the show LL changed into a black Ronson design to be photographed. It is probably one of the reasons she didn’t pose for photogs outside as you want to promote the designer that you are being paid to grace their front row. (or maybe it was a freebie as it’s her sister-in-law) (the first two photos were taken by my friend Simon, who should become a professional photography)
I am happy with the shots
but what else am I really going to say as I kick myself over and over. The reason I didn’t get there is I went to the NY Times Bldg to catch Selena Gomez (Nick Jonas’ girlfriend and star of a Disney Channel show) as she entered to give a talk to some kids. I missed her going in and I didn’t get to the Tents until 10 minutes before show,
and then I caught up with my friends and then the LL commotion happened. To the left is my friend Simon. He’s standing on the wall at Bryant Park. His shots were blocked as the security guard held up his jacket. There’s Lindsay’s car, which was 5 minutes late picking her up, it was a mess for her to get to her car, but security has an amazing way of parting the sea of photographers and gawkers.
I have video of this scene, and when I return to Philly I will put it up to show you the insanity. If they just put up a security walkway with gates, we could get our photos and celebrities could exit gracefully. Instead nothing and pandemonium ensues.