TONIGHT TWO GIANTS RECIEVE ROASTS – Thom Cardwell and 2008 Recipient Mikhail Gorbachev who isn’t have the man Thom is in his generosity

One of Philadelphia’s most notable GLBT members, Thom Cardwell, will be on the hot seat tonight at the Independent Visitors Center (6th & Market Streets). Most people know Thom as the face of Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, but oh has he done soooooooo much more. Here are just a few of his accomplishments: American Bandstand regular, founding member of Greater Phila. Prof. Network (GPPN), Founding member of GALA Arts, Jounalist, and Screenwriter to name just a few… (ok entire paragraph lifted from as I’m too busy today to think of my own wording, but the photos are mine)

The Independence Hall area will be buzzing, as Gorbachevwill also be receiving the Liberty Medal right next door. So security will be tight, and parking will be at a premium, but don’t let this keep you away.

Thom also a very BIG heart. Thom has pledged to raise $100,000 for the City of Hope organization and is event will help raise funds for that goal. The reception begins at 6pm with the roast at 7pm. For Tickets, call 800-344-8169 or you can buy them at the door.
According to SteakWith on – Giving Gorbachev a medal is a joke. He was a complete failure as the Soviet leader. He attempted to “reform” the Soviet system, not cause its complete collapse. Gorbachev did not want a democracy and did not want freedom for the soviet puppet states. SHAME on the Constitution Center.