Firefly Literacy Fund promotes reading with the help of Philadelphia Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn

In last Monday’s Dan Gross column ( I read this:
Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn will sign autographs for donations to the Firefly Literacy Fund Wednesday night at Triumph Brewing Co. (117 Chestnut). The charity was started by friends of Kelly Smith, an administrator at West Philadelphia’s Family Charter School, who was distraught to learn that one pupil couldn’t afford a book he desperately wanted at the school’s recent book fair. The fund hopes to raise at least $1,500, enough for each of the school’s 250 students to buy a book at the Oct. 1 book fair. Admission is $10 for the 7 p.m. to midnight event, which features a silent auction, raffles and prizes. Chris and Laura Pino with friends Jacklyn and Dan Fisher Leanne Davis, NicoleWoodland, Devan, Lindsay Dinah and Michelle Potts

A few auction items up for bid. I am so glad I carry the minimum amount of money around or I could go broke, in addition who has time to execute any of the fun activities.Michael Heinrich and Laura Goscicki

Sara Keim,, Kaitlyn Cuheo and Katie Harmer Flyers Scott Hartnell and Braydon Coburn were generous in their time to spend with the cause. They had already attended another charity event earlier in the day at the “Flyers Alumni Golf Outing at Woodcrest Country Club” (I used to caddy their for a split second when I was about 15)
A bunch of guys who just wanted their photo taken, never asked who I was, where the photo was going or much else after they posed so I have no names.
When I shoot an event, I really try and not interfere with the subjects, but I would have like the girls to lean in further because when a photo is optioned to be published it’s all about space and they are entirely too far from each other, or as my photo editor calls “They need to be tighter”
Laura Goscicki (Same problem here, but she Laura has that great smile on her face and eye contact with Braydon – who by the way spend most of the summer in Canada with his family.)
Lauren Jinks, Francis Caffey and Anne Connelly

Anna Christie from the Sisters Three If you need an attorney, there are a few in this bunch: Chris Fallon, Caroline Bar, Regina Blewitt Aposhian, Eric Aposhian , Darren Creasey and someone who got away before I got their name

Dan & Michelle Potts and Dana Kahlbom
This is the shot that I should have optioned as it was tight, but I didn’t have this girls name. And if it turns out it was Kelly Smith I will be doubly mad at myself.
On Wednesday they ended up raising $4,280, which is enough for all of the children attending the school to get a book at both the Fall and Spring book fairs.
Fun news for me. Some of my event photos will now appear every Wednesday in The Philadelphia Metro. So now when you are photographed by Philly Chit Chat your photo could appear in The Inquirer, The Metro, Rittenhouse Magazine and Philadelphia Style Magazine, maybe all four, maybe not. And if that is not complicated enough, I am now starting to do event photography.