Last week I made my 3rd trip to the Barrack Obama Philly Campaign office to pick up lawn signs. They were out, in fact they got two shipments last week, and both were given out within hours. They tell me there’s another shipment on, oh wait I’m not gonna tell you I want my lawn signs first, it’s not even for me, it’s for my day job boss and coworkers.
Thanks to Philebrity I read Howard Dean was to appear on Friday; I arranged my lunch hour visit to pick up lawn signs at that time, no lawn signs, I did get another 10 buttons. My coworkers would like one that says “Experienced”, they don’t like the “Organize” ones. Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee speaks to volunteers, staff and one crashing photographer at the Philadelphia center city Obama campaign office.
Gov Dean thanked the Hillary Clinton supporters for jumping behind the Obama/Biden ticken, and went on to say that the only think Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is they are women; in fact Dean says he and Hillary have a special bond they share, both were front runners and lost, but got up again to fight to see a Democrat in the White House.Dean spent about 10 minutes thanking the volunteers and singling out a few important people
who have spent countless hours volunteering or contributing money, I was lucky they seemed to all be on my side of the room and I was able to capture a few good photos.To the left of the podium, Charles Holliday’s tshirt is from Qdoba
“Tacos for Obama”
Gov Howard Dean was given a whole box of pretzels from the World Famous Center City Soft Pretzel Company. One of which he held high above his head with joy in the middle of the campaign office
salavating with anticipation of the first bite (I love those pretzels, I got my vendor outside my office building to carry them instead of the hard crusty ones)
first he had to make his way through the masses before he could take a bite
now I think at some point
I would have just put it in my pocket

but he muddled through carrying it as he greeted, posed and signed for the well wishers
No doubt it was still in his hand as he posed with Doris Thomas and Roman, otherwise he would have surely kissed one more baby in his life. Doris believes Obama is the right candidate and will work for the women and children whose funding has been cut over the years. The problem didn’t go away when the funding left, the struggle just got harder.

Look around are we better off now than 8 years ago; even republicans are facing tough times now. Vote Obama/Biden is that simple. Voter registration ends 10/6/08; YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE OUTSIDE THE OBAMA OFFICE AT 15th & Sansom everyday.
Great Youtube take off on Les Miserables: Les Misbarack