By visiting my condo which is 90% Jewish. Rendell says Obama is a friend of Israel, does he agree 100% with the Hawks (Hughe notes: I don’t know what that means?), but he agrees with guaranteeing peace in the Middle East and protecting Israel. And he supports the issues we support here in the USA. Lists them off….
He said McCain is a friend, and someone he admired in 2000, but back then he wasn’t a friend of the majority of the right wing party, in fact they threw him under the bus to support George W, but now McCain is kowtowing to the Right, and he is no longer someone Rendell recognizes as the Maverick from 2000, instead just a puppet. As for Palin, he knows her, knows her from the Govenor’s conventions. She smart, she’s a nice gal (at this point the crowd boos, I guess they feel like the Flyers Fans), Rendell goes on to say, but she is not qualified for the job of VP. She just doesn’t have the experience as of yet. If she goes back to Alaska, works hard, does good things for her state, then in the future she will be someone of stature, currently she’s just not qualified. The current hostility from the McCain crowd is a result of the negative campaigning of the McCain/Palin ads running currently. It has got to stop.
Barrack Obama is my friend, he is your friend, he is our friend. As another barrier falls, someday there will be a women president, and maybe then at some point a Jewish president, “But it won’t be me” said Rendell. “After Obama’s two terms, I will be 72, and 72 is entirely too old to run for president!”
There was a representative for the Republican party, but he only accepted at the last minute. I asked him why the GOP was dragging their feet so much, I mean here’s the Pa Gov willing to come to talk to our community. He tells me he didn’t expect much of a crowd. “Look you have 1,000 tenants and what only 200 showed up, where are your young people?” Geez more than ever I am convinced not to vote for any republican’s with that attitude. I think it says something when Rendell stops by for only 200 ears, that probably have a lot of friends.

Obama Urges His Supporters to Vote Obama, Not Boo McCain

TOLEDO, OH – Barack Obama broke from his debate preparations this afternoon in Ohio to deliver a speech on the economy. The crowd began booing at the very mention of John McCain.