MANNA’S PIE IN THE SKY CAMPAIGN 2008 re: hmm hmm good pies

Beginning October 14, residents in the Delaware Valley can kick off their holiday season right with a heart-warming Philadelphia tradition – a gourmet MANNA pie. Marking its 12th consecutive year, the Pie in the Sky is MANNA’s largest fundraiser with a goal of selling 14,000 pies. From now until November 19, a selection of five gourmet pies will be on sale for $25 each, with all proceeds benefiting MANNA’s mission – to deliver nourishment to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Delaware Valley.
Pie in the Sky embodies the spirit of MANNA’s services. Each holiday meal is lovingly prepared and delivered to MANNA meal clients on Thanksgiving Day by MANNA’s highly dedicated volunteers. Pie in the Sky makes a substantial difference in the lives of MANNA’s clients nourishing both the body and soul during the holiday season. (I forgot my pad, so the only person I know in this photo is Jimmy)
For only $25, you can provide a MANNA client with three nutritional meals and in return take home a delicious Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin, or Sweet Potato pie. For $35, you can select the new SkyPie, a little bit of gourmet heaven with a rich dark chocolate ganache atop a creamy cheese cake center. Through Wednesday, November 19 MANNA
$25-$35 to buy pie = Call 866-759-7437 to order p/u on Tuesday 11/25/08
Helping out with this years pie promotion are the folks over at Commerce Bank. Big surprise for me as I ran into someon I went to high school with eons ago in NJ, Rob Chandler (on left). I remember Rob as the Alex Keaton kinda guy in high school, very level headed, street smart and intellectual. It was fun to go down memory lane with him. We even chatted about the few that have passed away too soon, and I remembered another one Bill DeFeo, who I grew up with in Audubon til I was 9 and moved to Cherry Hill. It’s always sad when a life is cut short, but with your help, the help of Rob, and all the volunteers we can save some lives this year by buy a Pie in the Sky from Manna.
I can’t get away with anything. I read this on Twitter tonight:

MANNANourishes @iPhillyChitChat Heard you were at the Pie tasting today sorry to have missed you! from Twittelator
Which I replied:
@MANNANourishes I already put in orders for the Cheesecake and Apple pies with @JimmyStyle who is a Pie Captain; they were delicious!!