(There are 3 entries today, I took last night off from event coverage)

Every year after the first cold front passes I travel to Stone Harbor to witness the thousands of migrating monarchs. My parents owned a house 3rd from the left from 1978 til 2003. Sometimes I miss having a house down the shore, but not the summer months with the crowds, although my younger sisters would disagree, they had a ball. On Saturday I went with my friend Bob and BF Mike. I guess at some point this year they put a bench on the SH beach at the point. Now how long is that going to last there? It wasn’t even high tide yet?
First we stopped off at the Wetlands Institute across the bay from where I lived (in the summer)

Did I mention I was going on a diet?Sometimes the seagull’s just do the right thing and fly into your frame…
Sadly it didn’t seem cold enough for the butterflies to come down from Canada on their journey to Mexico. Maybe after Thursday or next week. It really is an amazing site to see them fly along the beach sometimes numbering in the thousands. But I did see an amazing sunset Saturday night.
Now I can see some of you are looking for the Cashman’s 7th Anniversary Party, which I photographed Friday night. Those photos won’t be ready until later in the week. I will also be covering a few other events, don’t forget to check the Philly Chit Chat calender to see what might be around that interests you!