STEPHEN STARR does it again BUTCHER & SINGER Philadelphia is Opened

Last night I went to the VIP Opening Party of Butcher and Singer (1500 Walnut St., 215-732-4444),. Unbeknown to me about the history of the name, I kept telling my day boss that I was going to Butcher and Singer tonight, and he kept saying “They’re still open?” At which point I just rolled my eyes and thought, geez he’s only like 8 years old of me and he is so not hip. Later I discovered that Butcher & Singer, along with Janney Montgomery Scott and W.H. Newbold’s Son & Co., were for decades pillars of the local brokerage community and of the business community at large. It turns out that Butcher & Singer had their offices in the building a few years back. Even so

The restaurant captures the past when you walked through these doors you will be transported back to an era that is long forgotten.
In fact at first glance B&S reminds you of the famous “Brown Derby” a landmark restaurant in Los Angeles, California frequented by celebrities during the Golden Age of Hollywood.Last night was an invite only party. Stationed at the door are the Cashman & Assocs. publicist, or gate keepers. You’d better be on their list or there will be no entry.
One of the first things I noticed when entering the restaurant was the vast huge ceilings and the vibrant but warm golden tone to the hue of the walls, oh and these huge chandeliers. Sure I had been to the Striped Bass a few times, and that was huge, but it seemed huge, this is huge but it seems comfortable and much warmer. Tailored to a broad market of patrons, Butcher and Singer strives to bring back the “power lunch,” popularize the after-work cocktail and appeal to high-stakes business dinners or romantic evenings.

Chef James Locascio discussing menu business with partners. No doubt subjects include the variety of raw and chilled seafood selections, classic appetizers and salads and a wide array of steaks and domestic lamb chops Butcher & Singer will serve.
(I was too good and didn’t even have a nibble of all the delicious food that passed my way; today though I am craving steak, now I have to go back and get a taste of their menu) UPDATE: I have now been to Butcher & Singer and recommend of course the NY Strip, and the stuffed Hash Browns, infused with sour cream. My mom loved, loved, loved the Halibut. We both enjoyed the carrot cake for desert.
In Tuesday’s Michael Klein column: November’s Philadelphia Magazine is out with a photo spread of eligible singles. Those darn deadlines. Jimmy Contreras, co-owner of Kimberly Boutique, recently became ineligible after setting up house with publicist Matthew Vlahos. They’re now “out” on their Facebook profiles.
The bar is sleek and hugs your body while you’re waiting for your table to be ready. It’s the best seat in the house, and it’s also the most private if you want it to be.

Mary Patel has some good news which she says she will allow me to break on PCC, with her is Thom Cardwell and The Philadelphia Tribune’s Bobbie BookerMartini glasses lined with sugar waiting to be served
Scott Sigman, Marybeth, Joe Barber, Susan Helfrich and Laura Burkhardt

For this party they removed about 10 tables to create this social area
Mayor Nutter greets Donna Massanova and Carol Tamburino as former Mayor Green looks on.
I really like the low booths and tables along the wall
The kitchen was hopping
Ya gotta love Monica Malpass, she has that great devilish killer smile. She’s a sweetie.

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