This was the highlight of the night at St. Stephen’s Bar in Spring Garden when the Phillies won the World Series
Then my friends and I (Mike, Jeremy & George)rushed down to Broad Street to celebrate
It was crowded, but a lot of fun. Peeps hugging it out, high fiving, everyone celebrating it was one big happy Philly PhamilyI ran into a few more friends, Scott Stein, owner of Pearl and Peter Breslow PR for Pearl

I thought it was crazy that people would climb the “supposedly” greased poles like a cop had told me. “She went on to say, don’t worry about them getting hurt, the only people who will know will be their folks who ID them at the morgue.
That this girl wanted to touch the hot bulb 25 feet off the ground. That sign must have been a tad uncomfortable, but no one was feeling any pain tonight, I thoughtbut I guess I can understand why this guy climb the pole to grab the Phillies World Series Banner
The new shirts were out already, probably not official though
I thought it was cold, but the adrenaline must have kept him warm. Guess he’s not afraid of heights.

All this celebration made us hungry and around midnight we went to Monk’s to grab a bite, there were plenty of seats,
but when we emerged and walked back to Broad Street we could see that things had gotten a little ugly. This is 16th and Spruce. Both planters are torn up and a shutter is in the background

But then when I got to Broad I thought how bad could it be this riot cop is posing for photos, WHAT RIOT COP, what the heck is going on?
I felt safe too as Superman was hanging on the corner, until I saw a girl try and throw a cinder block through the window at the Kimmel Center; the guard came out and she started hitting him. The police were able to break it up and then they just let the kids walk awayThen this outside the Bellevue
Now I do know this minor stuff happens in other cities, but I guess I thought Philly would be different, since we’ve all seen it on TV and are disgusted by it, maybe these folks don’t watch TV? Maybe they wanted make a bigger statement than Boston last year, sorta like when Devil night got out of hand and Detroit practically burned itself down every Mischief Night, which is tonight BTW.These guys were still excited, and were not the ones that tipped over this planter, just hanging out near it A picture says a thousand words (and although I took about 500 shots, I picked out only a few, as it was 3AM when I did this blog and I had to get some sleep before work at 9AM,) was this someone’s revenge for being the ugliest, fattest City as those magazines keep attaching too us or was this how we pay back the Phillies for finally winning the World Series. I thought the curse was over, I was wrong.
I was beginning to get upset. As someone who writes about Philly, and someone who has been a volunteer tour guide for over 10 years, I was shocked with what was going on then this!! Someone set a fire in the middle of the street and threw someone’s bike on top of it. The fire got fairly big, and I just had to leave. Center City was becoming a war zone as bottles broke around me, and M80s went off. Who are these kids, are they the students from the 2 dorms that are right there at Broad and Walnut, where most of the damage occurred?

I saw at least three bus stops damaged, but this one was destroyed; the same stop that protects their friends, family, teachers, neighbors from the elements after a long day at work. The guy in this picture is challenging the cop. I have no idea why, but I saw it over and over again. Maybe they are still hyped from the G Summit, or doing rehearsals for next year.These planters that beautify the street, probably cost a fortune, and where do they think the money is going to come from to replace. Do these people pay property taxes? Do they own anything? At this point I was thinking, the parade shouldn’t even start at City Hall if , maybe we should move it up to South Street to the stadiums, or to the suburbs.
Then they smashed Robinson Luggage’s windows and tried to loot it, note luggage on ground. These skateboarders didn’t want to listen to the riot police, telling them it was a public sidewalk and they didn’t want to go in the street. i was wondering where the rubber bullets were, for a city that sometimes suffers a bad reputation for police brutality, I was impressed and angered that the police showed so much restraint.
These cops were preventing folks from going down Sansom towards Juniper as a CAR WAS ON FIRE. The crowd surged towards the fire, I just wanted to go home.
More riot police. The guy in the red hat walked up to the cops and started taunting them. It was so bizarre that he would do that. They pushed him out of the way. I stopped taking pictures. I didn’t want a record of it I was so disgusted. Maybe I remember the rioting and looting of the 70s and how it took this City years to get over that reputation. Some people might say it was only minor structure damage, but the scene was ugly, and the news will travel and the damage to our tourism industry will occur.
This guy, well I saw him shimmy the bike on the fallen pole til he finally got it free and declared it was his gleefully. When he did get it free, it still had the lock attached to the wheel, he threw it down. “What piece of shit” he said.
As I passed the Borders at Chestnut, I was surprised that the windows were intact, but I heard that FYE did not fare so well nor did the planters didn’t do so well either. Maybe the folks in the dorm on Chestnut Street care about their neighborhood a little more than the other folks. Did you know this whole series of photos only took 15 minutes between the time I left the restaurant til this moment; and I saw just a glimpse of the damage that will leave a black eye on this City for decades. I walked the rest of the way home having gone from exhilarated to complete disgust for my some of my fellow citizens. As I looked down the side streets I could see police running, an orange glow, mail boxes, dumpsters, and a few fist fights, thanks.

Video of car being flipped at Broad & walnut: Insurance does not protect your car from riots!

I do realize this is only a small part of the overall celebration that went on throughout the tri-state area, this just happens to be my neighborhood.
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