Carnival Cruise Lines will soon debut a new branding campaign, under the tagline “Fun For All. All For Fun,” designed to showcase the company’s vacation experience. When we got there at 1PM there was a huge crowd of spectators, and a whole bunch of police officers giving a lot of attention to the over flowing crowd.for the largest pinata in the world. PR was all over the place for this sucker.

As a nice diversion for the kids their was a tiny carnival across the street, unfortunately people had to wait 2 hrs to get into the gate. Others just stood across the street hoping to get in to see the Pinata release it’s contents after the wrecking ball did it’s job.
We had a lot of time on our hands, I made Mike and Bob do silly things for me, none of which made a lot of sense, sorta like having 1,000 people fall in line behind cones and 2 people keeping us in line, displaying a much more orderly crowd control than the 500 riot cops the other night after the Phillies win, along Broad Street.
Congratulations to their Marketing Dept, I think just about everyone who reads the paper, listens to the news, Twitters, is on Facebook or has a neighbor knew about the event, and they showed up for their share of the 8000lbs of candy that was scheduled to fall out of the belly of the beast.
Except I don’t think that was really the plan. After talking to a few of the “Guards”, whose job it was to hold back the crowd of spectators, I found out the only people that were getting near the paper mache donkey were the “actors” hired to hang out by the Pinata.
And every so often this guy would stick a pole into the Pinata and release some of the candy, so the “actors” could scramble for the filming TV camera’s. But for us spectators we were kept fairly far back, but at one point a few rouges ran forward when the pole pulled out some candy and maybe the “Free” Carnival Cruise line gift certificates, at which point someone over the PA system started screaming at the “spectators” we are in the middle of filming a TV Commercial Philadelphia, don’t embarrass our City.
Seriously, the only embarrassment here was the false advertisement of the gigantic Pinata being split open by a wrecking ball. It didn’t happen.But they did roll out huge bins & boxes of candy, which sent this sugar starved mob into a frenzy, I mean really it had been two whole days since Halloween and their sugar high was just wearing off. My thought is this was their plan all along, except that wasn’t something that was announced beforehand, had people only expected the bins of candy, they wouldn’t have been so overly eager to risk the frenzy of scooping up candy spilled from the belly of the beast. So much looting of the bins of candy went on that one guy spread the wealth and just started throwing the candy into the air. Eventually he stopped after realizing more than a dozen kids were hit in the head and began crying…
Of course that didn’t stop their parents from gathering bags and bags of the free stuff to carry home. It’s ashame they didn’t do this before 10/31/08 and many of them could have saved a few dollars on their treatsA few folks just took home the boxes the Carnival folks put out.

Which was fine as alot of the candy that was thrown was left as road kill and wasted.
After an 1.5hrs, when it was obvious that we had been had, we decided to leave with what dignity we had left after witnessing folks go plum crazy over a few Maryjanes and generic tootsie rolls.
In the end, another historic event happened in the City of Firsts: Carnival’s pinata is the largest ever at about 61 feet tall, 60 feet long, and 23 feet wide. It broke the record previously held by a 48-foot-tall pinata Microsoft sponsored in Mexico City in 2006. I was there making history yet again, were you?
Update: According to officials, “Due to safety concerns, the pinata was not broken open.” Of course it would have been nice if they had informed us they were filming a commercial and we were the extras that would be standing around for several hours as they shot the scene. Or perhaps even said, the first 500 are in, the rest have to stay behind the cones and we will ply you with candy too!!