The Judges for the Henri David Ball (I give Carol Saline, besides being a big admirer, having gone to school with her daughter – they were neighbors, I just saw her in a totally different costume at the Masked Ball at Rittenhouse Hotel at 7PM, which I was tapped to photograph for Philadelphia Magazine. As soon as those photos come up on their website I will notify you)

The period piece winners. Franklin Greener (The Queen) made all these costumes by hand

Sarah Palin and the Missing 401K Milk containerHorrifying costume winners
Call her Miss Ross
Love these two
I didn’t stay to the end to see who won most spectacular
Zero Rock Star and Zero left in My 401K

Go Speed RacerAl Pacino finally smiles for my camera. Everytime I see him in NYC he is a real jerk.

I later said to Steven, how long have you known soldier boy, he said I just met him 5 minutes ago. He’s an action figure we were doing don’t ask, don’t tell

I bet they were out all day at the parade and now it’s midnight and they want to go home.

Sarah Palin and Vote for ObamaRoller Derby Boys
Henri David as a bird greets Ed Rendell as Governor Obama supporter
The only painted lady of the night. Ya gotta be in good shape and have a lot of confidence to wear only paint and panties

Seriously what am I?
This Sarah doesn’t fall far from the Palin tree, hello girlfriend your posing with the Gov and I am to your right?

Donna May would wear this on a normal day. She’s been a fixture on the scene for at least 20 years.

Christmas came a little early for Steven, after he dumped soldier boy at the door
My favorite costume of the night, birds and bird catcher. L-R Julia Greenberger, Karen Spiro and Greta Greenberger

All these photos can be had for free in my photo gallery found here (I would appreciate photo credit of if you are able too when you use the photo on your blog, facebook or when you send to friends, thanks):

Also photos from the Elvira Party at the Bellevue:
Our pal Scoops from came along with Elvira on Friday night where he made this report. Check it out.