A little beer for breakfast…
picked up a shirt – only $10

Commerce Center at 21st and MarketAnd it’s finally here, although I am not a crazy sports fan, in fact I only know the players that I have photographed at the various events and charity parties I attend, I really got choke up, I love Philly, I remember the last parade, and I watched the entire series from the beginning of the playoffs. (I have friends that love baseball does that count, oh and I like to bring the photos to you, does that count?)

What a great memory for these kids, I remember my mom taking my brother and I to the last parade.
Ryan Howard and Chase Utley
Jayson Werth (Thanks to Philebrity for telling me this wasn’t Brett Myers)

My friend Janita Applebaum Styles is a ballgirl
Who’s this?

Not the real Phanatic
Who am I?

And that’s it I thought, but when I turned on the tube at home I was so excited that they added lots of other cars and that Pat Burrell was on the coach with the Clydesdale. I don’t know if you guys were with me when I met him the first time in met him at the Philly Style Party in August, didn’t recognize him and made him spell his name to me – LOL