Happy Easter Gossip with Billy Crystal, Alycia Lane Happy at Last, a local climbs Mt Everest,

Happy Easter


I really hope everyone is going to get out and enjoy today, and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday try and go to the Easter Promenade on South Street. The Parade starts at Passyunk and South Streets at 1230PM, and heads to Headhouse Square for a best dressed contest.

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It’s always a good time. I’ll be there, as will Alicia Viterelli, Patty Jackson, Jennifer Logue and Alex Holley with her grandpa. It’ll be a fun day.

Happy at last Alycia Lane with hubby Jeremy Joseph
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Here’s Alycia with bestie John M. Colabelli, publisher of Philadelphia Style Magazine


Congrats Katie  & JohnEaster

WOW amazing.
Josh grew up in Philadelphia, and his dad is Brad Heffler, Chairman at FlixFling and Invincible Pictures of Philadelphia

Josh Heffler acts as Managing Partner for Zero G Colony with Richard Branson. Easter

Congrats to Scott Barnes on his new position at Comcast where he’ll be managing special events.

Happy at Last Alycia Lane Easter
Everyone should celebrate their birthdays like Laura Price. Happy Birthday Laura. Easter

Team Derek had a busy Saturday, he caught up with Bonnie Hunt outside the Rittenhouse Hotel

Later he caught up with Billy Crystal outside the Kimmel Center where the comedian happily signed for fans.Easter

It was great to see Katie English Gagnon this week, as we grabbed breakfast at Parc and she made a few friends.

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Remember to wear sunscreen and a hat today.

Easter Brunch: Aqimero, a special brunch menu will be offered from 10:00am to 5:00pm which includes endless brunch creations, a seafood raw bar and a hot carving station. This special brunch also includes endless Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys. Brunch will be offered for $125.00per person.

See you on South Street….and tomorrow morning here on Philly Chit Chat



A little beer for breakfast…
picked up a shirt – only $10

Commerce Center at 21st and MarketAnd it’s finally here, although I am not a crazy sports fan, in fact I only know the players that I have photographed at the various events and charity parties I attend, I really got choke up, I love Philly, I remember the last parade, and I watched the entire series from the beginning of the playoffs. (I have friends that love baseball does that count, oh and I like to bring the photos to you, does that count?)

What a great memory for these kids, I remember my mom taking my brother and I to the last parade.
Ryan Howard and Chase Utley
Jayson Werth (Thanks to Philebrity for telling me this wasn’t Brett Myers)

My friend Janita Applebaum Styles is a ballgirl
Who’s this?

Not the real Phanatic
Who am I?

And that’s it I thought, but when I turned on the tube at home I was so excited that they added lots of other cars and that Pat Burrell was on the coach with the Clydesdale. I don’t know if you guys were with me when I met him the first time in met him at the Philly Style Party in August, didn’t recognize him and made him spell his name to me – LOL


Philadelphia JULY 4TH FIREWORKS from the Philadelphian re: dreaming of John Legend

It’s not lost on me how important this day is to our country, The crowds at 8PM, it’s begining to rain, but that doesn’t stop them. Mike and I have this party every year; we keep the invites to a minumum mostly because it’s a difficult to park in this area as we are at ground zero fireworks. But the worse part of the whole night is leaving, so the invite list is limited to people who live in Center City. The snipers take position on the roof of the Philadelphian, residents gather on their balconies, let the festivities begin.
I love catching the parade. Thanks to Southwest Airlines for sponsoring it.
Night falls and our guests begin to arrive at Mike’s moms house, every year she is nice enough to vacate her place and settle into our place so we can have a shindig.
Although Rick lives “in the front” of the building, we’re glad he stops by our place. Rick is a former writer for the soap “Another World” and several other TV shows. A few years back moved down her from, where else, NYC. I’m not even going to mention the Sixth Borough thing, I know how people hate that term, almost as much as “Staycation”, another term I love. The two Jeff’s stop by. Separated at birth united by love.

Laura Burkhardt was a pleasant surprise stopping up for a few moments on her was to her VIP seats to see John Legend. She was nice enough to take Bob along with her to enjoy the concert. Which I watched on TV, dry, but not as up close as Laura and Bob would scream to me.
They made it back just in time to enjoy the fireworks from the balcony with tall tales and merriment

Congress led the way for the encouragement of fireworks on the Fourth of July by authorizing a display on July 4, 1777, in Philadelphia, a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. “At night there was a grand exhibition of fireworks, which began and concluded with thirteen rockets on the commons. Another colorful display took place in Philadelphia on July 4, 1779: “In the evening a sett [sic] of brilliant fireworks were exhibited, particularly excellent rockets, which, after ascending to an amazing height in the air, burst, and displayed thirteen stars.” http://gurukul.american.edu/heintze/fireworks.htmThe first fireworks in Boston took place on July 4, 1777. A newspaper reported: “In the evening Col. Crafts illuminated his park on the commons, threw several shells, and exhibited a number of fireworks.” Boston had another display in 1779 when thirteen rockets were fired. Congratulations to Carrie Nork and Dino Minelli who were married on July 5, 2008The Jeff’s had a blast David Perkiss, the man of the moment, Matthew Vlahos; behind him is Steven Tyson and his beau Ben visiting Pittsburgh Bob still glowing about John Legend

Laura enjoying the party glow stick I handed out to my guests
Sometimes I wish I could invite the whole city up to see the fireworks from the balcony. They are so right there, and it’s an amazing view.
Thanks for coming everyone, see you next year, er well some of you tomorrow night.

John Legend in concert

The fireworks finale