WHERE MAGAZINE ALONG WITH LAGO’S AWARDS an Outstanding Concierge with the key to the City of Politeness!!

Webster’s dictionary defines Concierge as a French word meaning “gatekeeper” or “keeper of the keys”. The position has its origins going back to the time of palaces and castles in ancient France. The royal household employed a “Concierge” whose job it was to see to the needs of VIP visitors as well as to hold the keys to the many castle rooms. The “key” remains a symbol of the Concierge profession to this day.

This year Philadelphia’s Where Magazine, which as you know being a follower of PCC daily, has a monthly concierge get together, along with Lago’s has started what will become the annual awarding of the Lago’s Key to a lucky concierge here in Philadelphia. (The Lago’s key was made famous by Demi Moore, ok by me, as I had heard that Ashton bought the necklace for Demi and the story appeared in the Inquirer along with a photo I took of Demi walking in Rittenhouse Square; after that article appeared in the news, Laura as well as many people, I hear, bought the Key Necklace, which is really stunning – The Michael Klein mention in INQlings:

Out and around

Demi Moore has been wearing a sterling Lagos “key” necklace since she and Ashton Kutcher were spotted last week walking out of the Lagos store at 18th and Walnut streets. The necklace, which sells for $195, was designed by Steven Lagos to “enable the wearer to open whatever door is in front of her right now.” ) Anyway, Laura Burkhardt, publisher of Where Magazine, bought the “Key” based on the article and the subsequent kyw3 interview I did with the channel. Laura being in the hospitality business had this brilliant idea to award the Lagos Key to a concierge in the City that did extraordinary work for their clients and approached Lago’s who thought it was a great idea to, as the Concierge are the eyes and ears for our City, helping guests of their hotel navigate the City in making it a most enjoyable experience. James Zeleniak and Laura Burkhardt
Carrying the position forward into modern times, Hotels throughout the world have long known that having a concierge service on site lends value as an amenity to hotel guests. (I always wanted to be a concierge. Maybe I can follow one of these folks around for a day and see what it entails, I love helping people. Maybe someday…a boy can dream)

The event was held at the Smith and Wollensky at the Rittenhouse Hotel, twice in one week I have been there, I could get used to such pampering. The food has always been delicious here, and to my surprise, as it was the first time I had been in this particular one, S&W has 2nd floor dining with a view of Rittenhouse Square. My suggestion is if you were thinking of having a special dinner, go to S&W and ask for the 2nd floor window, the trees in the park are spectacular at this time.
One of the first people that came up to me when I entered the room was Rittenhouse Hotel’s David Benton; what a class act, comes over and says “good evening, I just met you Friday night, John Colabelli introduced us. Sure enough he was right, I was there Friday night shooting for Philadelphia Magazine the “Give Your Shirt Off Your Back Mask Ball”, very good memory Mr Benton’s has; we chatted a bit and then I was off to snap away. L-R Julie Coker, GM Hyatt Penn’s Landing, David Benton, Glen Michael, Hyatt Penns Landing, Chris Matlack, Hyatt Penns Landing , and Glen Pappas, Hyatt Penns Landing.Cabaret Singer, Where! Magazine Editor Karen Gross (remember to stop by and catch her show on Friday 11/7 at the Tin Angel at 7:30PM, she’s a hidden treasure in Philly) Barbara and Chef Olivia de St. Martin (Zinc & Cafe Caribou) and Chef Kevin Meeker, Philadelphia Fish Company.

Steven Lagos and Meryl Adis (At the age of 17, Steven Lagos learned the tradition and concepts of the jewelry trade from an 85 year old Russian master. His mentor taught him the lessons of old world craftsmanship, while impressing upon him the importance of working with the highest quality materials. Today, these lessons and traditions are the cornerstone of all LAGOS products.)
Paula Jackson, Courtyard by Marriott, Maureen Crumbley, and Annamarie Sonfini both from the Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia.Philadelphia Trolley Works’ Mike Kates, Karen Ini, Ken Ferber, Laura Burkhardt, Carrie Nork-Minelli, Dino Minelli

Love: CARRIE NORK & DINO MINELLI Philadelphia Inquirer 09/10/2008

Louise Castellano, Profile PR’s Jennifer Hatton – (Promoting the hospitality industry’s brightest and best since 1992), Karen Gross and Julie Humeas enjoying a cocktail or two, chatting about business and the election which was being held the next day.

Enrique and Kristina Garcia, met in college married for a year, cute as a button.Zelinda, Glen Pappas, Hyatt Penns Landing; Brian Mohulo, Raddison; Frank Marandino, Rittenhouse; Jason Crook, Phila Home and Garden on Walnut
The winner, Glen Pappas, was voted on by the advertisers of WHERE! MagazineJulie Coker, GM – Hyatt Penn’s Landing, Concierge Glenn Pappas, Where Magazine Publisher, Laura Burkhardt and Jewelery designer and the creator of the Lagos Key, Steven Lagos
After this event Laura, Jennie and I retired to 210, upstairs, for a bite to eat. OMG delicious, shocklingly the bar menu is inexpensive, nice getaway. Try the pork and the tuna tarte, exquisite. Thanks girls