I apologize for going over this story again, but I have a few more things to say here is the link 2Monday’s story about the Pinata and my observation of the biggest PR event this year:

If the saying there is no bad press rings true, then the Pinata story is an astounding success because after I wrote (and a few others) it was picked up by a lot of other sites including WHYY, later in the week my blog was mentioned on NBC10 and then the story hit some of the newspapers. As a blogger that kind of linkage is validating and good for your rank in the search engines’ especially the Google Gods.

Plus it’s kinda fun to write about something the newspapers don’t pick up on until after the fact, a lot of them didn’t have press out there because they must have known it was “just a commercial” being filmed and had no idea what kind of a huge turn out and later fiasco it would turn into.

I drove by the Pinata the other day, it’s still intact. Do you see what is missing in this photo, the ribbons that were under the belly. I spoke to someone who is in PR that knows the PR that handled the event, they said that the ribbons were attached to trap doors which were really going to release the candy and that the wrecking ball was just symbolic, and alledgedly made of paper mache, although to my naked eye it looked like metal. Another rumor has it the deed will be done Sunday. Maybe it’s invite only as I haven’t read anything definitive about that date. Personally I would like to see it moved down to Penns Landing as it’s such a good tourist attraction, it could be called the Penns Landing Pinata, as a symbol of another unfishinesed attraction. As for now the Pinata has three guards protecting it, so don’t even think about taking it home to your house!
As some of you may know I have a weekly photo column in the Metro, but if they get a big advertisement, they bump my photos like they did this week so the pictures that I picked to run in the paper did not happen. So here they are, it’s not the might Metro, but I do get about 700 hits a day, and over a lifetime that could be a lot.
Troi Harrison, Azim Williams, Mahlon Crampton, Anitra Prempeh
All these were shot using the flash, and I have to say flash is the way to go especially when the sun is behind the person. Here’s Steve Gibson, Nuria Zelaya, Jenn Robles and Seema Mamtora
I do the labels this way so when I send my photos to my NY agency he can tell where the break is between names. I didn’t send these photos there, but I stay in the habit of doing it. I should have sent the Pinata photos to my agency, I didn’t anticipate it being such a big story, and was so busy this week I didn’t upload them to WENN. Bummer.
Heather Morton_Jason Begin_Andy Kintner

These guys love the Metro and read it everyday, it would have been a thrill for them to see themselves while riding the bus to work, as that’s when they read it they told me.
Deshae, Noah, Tirzah, Chloe Peddy and Danielle and Sarai Brown-Alexander and Marilyn Brown

Here are some fun links about this story: or just do a search on Philly Pinata to get the whole story. Of course this is Philly and droves of people should have been expected to show up, especially since it was a free event, a spectacle, a weekend and we were already freaking excited after the Phillies winning the World Series, the parade and Halloween.

Plus who didn’t want to see the largest Pinata ever; can you imagine if it was announced they were filming a TV commercial for the largest Pinata and they were giving away 8000lbs of candy? Talk about crowds, then they would have really seen a crowd.Next week I will explain why it’s not a good thing to embarrass the freelance photographer who you can’t get fired, because 1) he works for himself for this blog, and 2) he’s not going to drop everything to take your photo with the first “celebrity” you’ve ever seen in your whole life, even if your bf screams at at the top of his lungs and everyone at 10 Arts hears it that you want your picture taken NOW; ok I did take it but only because of the pained look on Stewart’s face as he was embarrassed for me too, and as for your bf apologizing later because he said he was a loud drunk, that’s still not going to get you this photo of you and his hotness Stewart Bradley, because you are the one who basically called me a scumbag.