PHILADELPHIA STYLE MAGAZINE : The John Legend Party Table 31 Comcast Center Lobby

What an amazing space to throw a party the Comcast Center Lobby catered by Table 31. I arrived early having covered a Martha Stewart signing which I will write about on Thursday night as I am sending some of those photos to the Metro Newspaper for the weekly column. I tried to help out in a few ways, but everyone seemed to have things under control, thankfully Janet Calderwood accepted my offer and I was able to help with the VIP section and felt like I contributed a bit.
The Cashman girls arrived to work on the logistics of the Red Carpet. I really enjoyed watching everything go down as I secretly dream to be a PR guy too, so if you’re keeping track last week I wanted to be a concierge and this week a PR guy. I have heard of a service called Vocation Vacations to fulfill those dreams. So Friday night was the place to be as Philadelphia Style Magazine threw it down for John Legend who graces the cover of the lastest issue of the magazine. To the right of John Legend is Martyna Sliwinska Director of Client Relations, here job is to see that the night goes smoothly, dotting the i’s crossing the t’s, making the introductions as she is doing here for Publisher John Colabelli and Editor Sarah Schaeffer
John signs his cover photo board.
(I had the next photo I took published in the Inquirer a bit JL needed to escape from the intense attention that comes with the territory of being a “celebrity” at an event that is entirely built around you. Here he is with owner of Niche Media, the parent company of Philly Style Magazine in the Calderwood VIP section which transformed a corner of the lobby into a luxe lounge with mod furniture from the 60s & 70s.Whenever I attend a Phila Style Magazine I run into a lot of familiar faces new friend. Tonight I was fortunate to see a lot of people I really enjoy chatting with and sometimes even outside of these social get together. Danielle Triplett is one of those people. Danielle works at the American Association for Cancer Research Headquarters Office of Science Policy as a Corporate Alliances & External Relations Officer, with her is Emma Potievski Sherby, the Russian Queen of the Brazilian wax, who has become so popular that you probably know and may even be related to one of her clients. They are attorneys, teachers, students, sales reps, college presidents, waitresses, bank tellers, ballerinas and, as uncomfortable as the thought may be, all mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and/or aunts to someone. Emma’s base of operations is the International Salon on the 1700 block of Sansom. She doesn’t take appointments, so during the summer it’s not unusual to find standing-room-only in the waiting area and Carol Tamburino, Turner Construction
Anthony DiMeo III and date, Valerie Smilansky.

Gary and Janet Calderwood of Calderwood Gallery and the provider of the cool furnishing in the VIP Section. The Calderwood’s were nice enough to invite me into the VIP and hang with JL, but after a few photos I thought it would be best to just leave him alone. I knew I had already gotten the photo that would the Inquirer would like, and I wanted to go out and photograph the peeps in attendance.
Jane Wolf and Table 31’s Chef Chris Scarduzio

My thoughts that night were with the people who weren’t there; recently it was in the news that many of the employees that were with the magazine from the beginning were let go as this economy as we know has really taking a dive. Who hasn’t been touched by the drop of the stock market, gas prices and rest of the financials that our world rests on. So it was an even bigger heartbreak when I heard that today would be Martyna’s last day. I didn’t know her well but I did feel for her, later that night I would learn yet another friend who normally attends these events lost their job that day too, and earlier in the month another friend that makes the scene at these events lost his job, so whether it’s our 401k’s, other investments, job, buying food, or the loss of jobs, the economy has affected us all, I don’t expect President Obama solving all these problems, but I do have hope for a change. My new bff’s Chef Jill Schoenfeld, Megan Stecher and Danielle Sheller as you will recall the first time we met the trio at the XIX unveiling of their new windows party a few weeks back. I also just saw them at a party earlier this week that I will be writing about this week.

Megan Stecher has been seen on NBC10 as a writer and reporter, but is now on board with a new project at the station called StudioTEN Creative Group

A few months ago I ran into Christopher A. DiGeorge and his wife Patricia. We chatted about life and well his new project in AC. DiGeorge Atlantic Properties is developing Atlantic City’s first world-class boutique hotel and ultra luxury condominium residences. The 50-story Prasada, a non-gaming hotel, is slated to open in 2010.
Ought oh, girl fight Erin Elmore, “The Apprentice 3” and Michelle Miller showed up in the same dress Friday night. The two had never met each other before, but knowing them both just a tiny bit, I think they have more than just style in common. In the end I assigned them both opposite sides of the room so that each side of the lobby could enjoy the BeBe outfit. Erin was sporting her Katie Holmes hair that night, Michelle candy apple red lipstick, delicious.
Shana Vitoff at Society Hill Dance. and friend who I loss her biz card. The girls were giddy and rockin those boots.
Talk about rockin’ it doesn’t get any better than this, Stewart Bradley, AJ Freely and Brent Celek (while all the paps were over bothering John Legend I got these shots in). Stewart and I are new BFF’s as this was the 3rd time I saw him this week, including one time where he beeped his horn and waved to be as he drove by in his sleek metallic brown new limited edition well I can’t tell you what kind of car or you might scour the streets looking for his house.

My guy finally gave in and came to one of the events I cover for this blog and beyond. He’s not much into it, often comparing it to our favorite shows “Dirty, Sexy, Money”, “90210”, “Gossip Girls” and “Lipstick Jungle”. I always say why stay home and watch that when you can go out and observe it. Nonetheless, I think it might be another couple months til we see him again, especially since I dressed him incorrectly. I always tell him how nice he looks wearing a T-Shirt under his shirts, but someone called him a preppy boy next store and well the preppy boy next store didn’t like that. He noted to me that it seems like the trend is no undershirts and shirts untucked. Well that should be easy to fix.

Carol Tamburino, someone who is not the preppy boy next door, and the lovely Sabrina Tamburino. Get used to the flashes girl, your engagement party is coming up, and all you PCC readers will be right there with me as I am one of the photographers. It’s gonna be a real blowout.

Christopher Feggan of Rebel Entertainment
XIX’s Molly O’Shea and Amy Rominger (Today was lounging on the couch watching the Eagles. I love Sundays!) I think leggings are making their way back into the scene thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s being photographed with them on for the past few months.

Talk about an influencer, Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss make the scene. I hope you caught their photo in last week’s Philadelphia Society Page, a real cute shot of them on the dance floor at some event. Director of Operations Joe Wolf, Chef Chris Scarduzio and John Legend
Justin Weintraub and Nicole Cashman make the scene.
Mike, Ashley Schaeffer, Donna Coghlan and Lauren O’Dorisio; Lauren is the new Marketing Director for Table 31, and this was her first gig, which went off without a hitch and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Donna is my guardian angel, I don’t know where she came from, or why she thought to be so generous to me, but she is. She’s good at reading between the lines on my entries or on Facebook and is always right their with a quick email pick me upper. And I here she’s a good pluck too. Whether it’s a thread or a stray eyebrow, she’s your girl.Pictured below always looking dashing is Baba Renfrow, stylist and managing partner of Distante

Stewart and Nina, voted this month as two of Philly’s eligible singles, by the look of this picture maybe not too much longer. Anyone want to fill me in? Is there something we should know.
Samantha Barth, Joseph Kotarski and Lisa Gaudio daughter of Bob Gaudio of the Four Seasons.
A few statues in the lobby
Thanks to the sponsors for making the gift bag such fun for everyone.