Thinking of friends who have passed and the ones currently living with AIDS on this National World AIDS day especially my good friends Shawn, Wayne C, Mike R, Philip, Daryl, Rodney, Rob and many others that have touched his life. He is also mad that last week a 26yr old friend of his told him he contracted the virus, and admitted he wasn’t practicing safe sex. He is devastated, we are not invincible, we are responsible for ourselves, AIDS and HIV is a deadly disease; it may be manageable, but it is not pleasant, it is difficult, it is heartbreaking, and it can be prevented. Get educated. Get Tested, and above all Use Protection.

Philadelphia will have a march tonight at 5:30pm – 8:30pm @ Broad Street Ministry[315 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA ]

The AIDS Fund, Broad Street Ministry and the Sapphire Fund in collaboration with over 20 local organizations present a World AIDS Day event that will combine artistic performances, visual art displays, commemorative ceremonies, and free HIV counseling and rapid tests.

Rapid HIV tests provide a result in 20 minutes. Information about HIV and AIDS services in the Phila. region will also be available.

For more information go to

HIV, testing and education. Philadelphia Area HIV information Centers Please protect yourself, I have seen too many friends die, and have too many friends currently living with HIV/AIDS and I can assure you it’s not easy or glamorous.