I love the Jersey shore, especially during the off season. I was lucky as my parents had a house at the shore for my entire childhood, From the age of 12 our house was located on the bay in Stone Harbor and we enjoyed magnificent sunsets, wonderful summers, holidays and birthdays together there. Dad passed away in 2004, and mom moved away from the shore in 2005.Thanksgiving 2008 we rented a cousins house in Avalon on the beach block and enjoyed a great big reunion with the family at the shore, it was great. I am one of 7 kids, 2 boys and 5 girls. 4 of my sisters have 2 kids and1 has 3 kids. 11 Nieces and Nephews. The oldest is a girl at 24, the youngest a boy of 6 weeks.

My sister Janine with her daughter Nicole. They live in Charlotte, NC and I don’t get to see them enough. Janine is my biggest fan.
The kids get tired of me taking photos of me, but I persist.

On Friday we went to one of our favorite shore restaurant’s Henny’s in Stone Harbor. Yesterday it closed for the last time after 75 years of business. They cashed out in favor of a hotel/condo restaurant business that will be built on the property. My sister Crista worked here for 4 summers. Mom and I enjoyed the Philadelphia Platter one last time, oysters and chicken salad.
I’m scared and fascinated by inlets. I like to watch the rough water, I like to watch lighting storms out at sea, I like to see the boats cut through the water, I don’t like being one of those boats, but if you want to fish for tuna or strippers or even marlin, you have to go through the inletI love the night sky down the shore. Who knew my head was pointed?

We celebrated Judy & Ella’s birthday over the weekend.
Took lots of walks on the beach
Some folks for the first time; here’s Michael Bateman Sr & Jr
On Saturday we went to Ocean City and hung out on the boardwalk and the arcade
My 5 yr old nephew Tim is a whiz on this car video game. I came in 8th and he came in 2nd:(
My brother-in-law and daughter Kelsey
Santa arrived by boat.

This photo kinda reminds me of the Beach Boys album “Endless Summer”, except I took it Saturday