Philadelphia City Hall Christmas Village & Tree Lighting & Stop By the Tour Office Gift Shop

Today I was on my way to work and I came across a cute little village on the outskirts of City Hall
After a bit of research, and a run over at lunch I discovered an enchanted village: Christmas Village in Philadelphia is an outdoor Holiday market event at Dilworth Plaza on the west side of City Hall Philadelphia from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve. Vendors in more than 50 wooden booths and timber houses which form a medieval village will sell European food, sweets and drinks as well as international seasonal holiday gifts, ornaments and high quality arts and crafts. Throughout each day their will be performances on the stage in the concourse area.Today’s Schedule
Fifty booths and two timber houses form a little medieval Village and offer its visitors a wide and attractive range of seasonal goods which cannot be found anywhere else besides this market. Besides local vendors and artists there will be German vendors selling Christmas decoration from genuine Erzgebirge, candles, Nativity sets, glass ornaments in all shapes and sizes, toys for all ages, ceramic light houses, woolens, model trains, lace, spices, jewelry and a lot more. The booths’ assortment will have a relation to the winter season and the upcoming holidays. One of the first shops I stopped in was Lauscher Glaskugelhaus
which had so many colorful, clever ornaments
Like the Pope & Bible ornaments
right near the Moulin Rouge or what I like to call the Drag Queen accessories ornaments

and not too far from the Dracula, devil, shrunken head ornamentsbut there’s also sports ornaments like soccer, tennis, footballs and dwarf, wait I hope they are Gnomes.
then there’s the meat section with bears, walrus’ and cattleand not to be left out for the vegan’s there are corn, carrot, lettuce and that other vegetable ornament
Then there were my favorite ornaments

but don’t fret you can also find your traditional balls

Next door is the Käthe Wohlfahrt where you will find the friendly Ty Parrish or his team to help you look for the special holiday decoration. Handmade Nutcrackers, Incense Smokers,
Wooden Ornaments, Glass Ornaments

Schwibbogen, Music Boxes,
Although both of these tented stores carry many different ornaments, you may also find many unique ornaments and items in the wooden sheds that line the walkway

and other areas of the shopsPuppets, Flying Mobiles, Soft Toys, Wooden Toys, Pull Toys, Tutus and girl’s dress up accessories, Ribbon Purses, headbands and bows; Gourmet Treats and Bones for Dogs and Cats; Glass Bead Jewelry, Glass Vases, Glass Plates and Bowls, Solid Glass Figurines;
Santa’s House will offer children of all ages a chance to meet Santa and give him their wish list. A variety of portrait packages, photo magnets and ornaments will be availableThe official kick-off to the holidays in Philadelphia features the ceremonial lighting of the City Hall holiday tree by Mayor Michael A. Nutter on 12/3/08
Start: 5pmCity Hall, Apron Area
Don’t forget to visit the City Hall Tour Office and Gift Shop where you will be greeted by the smiling Gift Center Director, Judy, City Hall’s Tour Director Greta Greenberger or one of the many volunteers who are on hand to assist you. You can either take a tour of the building, go to the observation towerPick up a Philly Ornament

or even this 5 ft wide Eagle at only $70. I understand that they have sold 2 of them already.Philadelphia Christmas Village