Pat Croce has been the face of fitness in Philadelphia for years, but now that mantle goes to physical therapist and trainer Joe Zarett, who I hear works miracles at his Zarett Rehabilitation.

L-R Pat Croce, Joe Zarett and Chickee & Pete’s owner Pete Ciarrocchi A few weeks ago I attended the re-opening of the Zarett Rehabilitation after a renovation and expansion. When I got the inviation I wonder what kind of party happens in a gym, who goes to such an event, what’s the dress code. Well not knowing anything about Zarett, I quickly learned the well heeled, athlete’s and lots of attorney’s work out here.

Here are a few folks that were more than happy to appear on PCC, thanks:
Connie & Joe Smukler with Lynne Honickman, founder and president of The Honickman FoundationOh and Pat told me that he got these custom jeans in LA, created by a tattoo artist. Here he is with his charming wife Ethel. It was fun chatting to them both, reminded me of the Papale’s real down to earth people.

Sen Arlen Specter stop by; I voted for him a couple times. He’s a character, I like that.

Along the wall are photos of some of the Zarett famous clients, my favorite person Sharon Pinkenson was there. Each of the photos is signed too, a la Geno’s or Pat’s Steaks or event the Palm (I had lunch at the Palm today with someone who’s picture is on the wall. It was a great lunch/biz meeting. Exciting announcement coming up soon. But really great to talk to someone [I don’t think I can say who it is at this moment] who is so forward thinking in media, grounded and aware.)Berny Brownstein (His daughter Toni was there and I failed to get her pix stupid me. Toni, Mike and I all lived at One Franklin Town eons ago; it was great to see her) and Joe Smukler

Stylish crew: Richard Barnhart, Anne Synder, Michael Smircomish, Marty Snyder and Barb Barnhart
A beaming Michelle Shlomo, with builder/renovator son Tuval and Patcharawan Macary
This is the women responsible for the new look, Interior designer Robin Stellwagen, (white modern massage tables, room-dividing fish tanks, sleek VIP showers and locker rooms, new equipment and cute little lobby with comfy chairs that I wouldn’t want to leave to do all that hard work that is required to look slim and stylish. That’s why I am behind the camera) Massage Therapist Erin Loveman (clever name), Kayla Ankeny, Massage Therapist, Ann Gray, Massage Therapist and Tom German Exercise Physiologist
mmm food presented in a clever way
OK recognized again, oh no not for PCC, but because his parents live in my bldg, on my floor. L-R Josh Cohen, Karissa Chaplinsky, Jules Rodin, Neal Rodin, Alyssa DeVore and Nik Deore
Rabbi Abraham Sheinter stops by to give his blessing, with him is Carl Goldenberg
Howard Eskin. First time I’ve ever seen him in public. He’s aging classically.
Tennis player Eric Riley greets a fan
PR Extraordinaire Corie Moskow – Joe Zarett was so appreciative that he thanked Corie for putting the event together and she got a nice round of applause from many who were familiar with her work. It was a nice night in a classy joint, where health is the main topic, but business deals I’m sure are brokered.
Not Pictured: A recently in the news attorney and his Rittenhouse Sq wife who I will continue to ban from PCC until one of them gives me the time of day or even a faint smile of acknowledgment that any stranger would give to another on the street. Now I do know who they are, but when I didn’t last summer, they were insulted I guess and said no to appearing on PCC.