Martha Stewart at the Philadelphia Williams & Sonoma signing her new book

Have you ever actually tried making a Martha Stewart dessert? Well Chef Michael Casillo and Chef Margaret Schaum of Williams and Sonoma have, and did. For the Martha event they made 1,000 Gingerbread Pumpkin cookies which were offered to the fans waiting in line.
Martha approved of and took a snap to remember.
Martha gets prepared. Reads her blackberry which her assistant is holding; would this be labelled “Just like us?” in Us Weekly, well drop the assistant then we’ll talk. This would have been a good point for Martha to stand, hold the book and let me get a few shots like that, as I requested, but it didn’t happen. It probably doesn’t matter either as she’s been signing all over the country and the photo has no value except that it’s the standard photo that one should get.
Williams-Sonoma limited their sales to 250 to the people waiting in line, some since 2PM like Blair Cappuccio (of Wash DC) with mom Karen Demarchy and new friend made while standing in line, Maureen Fratantoni

lucky for 94 year old Mrs Cappella, Martha’s folks kindly sent her to the head of the line and get the very first signature from Ms. Stewart, leaving the her daughter and grandson to tough it out and wait their turn in line.
She enjoyed some soup cooked to perfection, from the same book she is holding, by Chef Michael Casillo and Chef Margaret Schaum of Williams and SonomaDonna and James Kane with daughter Imena
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After a few shots, I ran to the John Legend event at the Comcast Center, yes this one was that long ago. Sometimes to stay current I have to play catch up later. You’re almost caught up.