GIRLZ NIGHT OUT AT TABLE 31 with Donna Coghlan and friends

The other day I was chatting with my friend Donna Coghlan, you know Donna I’ve told you about her. She’s my guardian angel. She didn’t know me from Adam and befriended me a few months back, she liked my blog and she knew what I was trying to do with it – Promote Charities, their events and the people who attend them, a Philly Social Diary. Donna mentioned it was Girlz night out at Table 31 and I should stop by and get to know the girlz. Around 6:30PM I left the day job and headed over to Table 31Where Donna and a few girlz were gathered to eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart. Here’s Donna Coghlan with Table 31’s Chef Chris Scarduzio
The restaurant was modestly crowded for a warm Tuesday night. Michelle Davis leaning on Amy Burnham, Molly Napolitano (who recently located from Florida), Nina Tinari and Donna Coughlin. Amy enjoyed her very dirty martini with a dash a spearmint “It tastes like a little summer’s eve on my tongue.” she said. (Missing Julie Cooker, just realized forgot those shots, sorry. email 12/31/08 info please.)
Missing from the above, but never to far Dana Spain. OK when I was chatting with Donna the other day she mentioned she was getting together with Dana and Stephanie, and I was like I go right by there on my way home. “Stop on in” Donna said. I was like OK dokey, I meant to me this was perfect as these are a few people that our subjects that I want to cover. Two of the women that are involved in charities, parties and if they got to know me, and trust me then I could accomplish one of my goals which is to extend awareness to these charities that might not get the coverage they deserve, especially during this horrible economic times where the darn Inquirer is laying off people I admire left and right. (I have to say I really like this photo of Dana, very fierce)Plus for me it was good to chat with these women instead of just photographing them and moving along, because when I am at these events I don’t want to miss that great photo, but I also don’t want to take anytime away from them from catching up with their friends. Friends from Dana and Molly reconnect in PhiladelphiaCase in point, Stephanie Stahl, I have met her a few times. I photographed her the other night at a private holiday party, I didn’t get her husbands name because when I took the photo I tapped them on the shoulders, asked and then after the shot they went back to talking. I emailed her the next day and she responded. Now I feel that I have broken the 4th wall, as they say on Broadway, and I will know her husband’s name the next time, or I will be more comfortable to ask quickly.

She's got legs, she knows how to use them
She never begs, she knows how to choose them
She's got a dime all of the time
Stays out at night movin' through timeThen the boyz came. Note to self: Do not play with camera
adjustments before going to an event to photograph it. 2)
Yes, it's OOF (out of focus) people will notice, but it is a
cute picture. Bookending the bunch: Susan Helfrich stops by with her friend
Dr. Sherri Edelman of Triune Chiropractic services
mind body and health care. With Nina, Donna and
Charlie Pasquale
Afterwards, Nina and I hung out for another hour
eating and chatting (mmm salad with pears and greens,
and the tuna tarte.) That girl can eat me under the table,
OMG. If we went into OCB they would have a scared
look that I would eat my weight in food, but they
should really worry about skinny mini Nina. Who told me
wonderful stories about the Tinari Thanksgiving.
Still waiting for the pictures on Facebook, but I did get
this video: