JAMIE FOXX and GERARD BUTLER Philadelphia Filming of Law Abiding Citizen

I have photos from the shoot done in Philly 2/26/09 here:

Yesterday I was running a tad late for work as I was working on the HOD entry into the wee hours and then when I woke up again this morning. SO I had to pass on this scene being shot right outside my office. I am sure Jamie Foxx is down there somewhere

I did make it over there about two thinking they would move to the courtyard,
they were setting up a shot, which I later learnedwas for filming inside on an upper floor in a room, so no shots of them yesterdaybut I did get a shot of their clothes (Great Photos and video can be found here:
Today is another day. I hear it’s gonna be warmer too, which would help. P.S. To my NYC paparazzi friends, Catherine Zeta Jones is no longer with this production, so feel free to stay where you are – LOL