Shecky’s Girls Night Out in Philadelphia – Wed & Thurs Jul. 22nd-23rd


100 E Penn Sq
Philadelphia, PA 19107
district: Philadelphia

Thu Jul 23 (5-10 pm)

Philadelphia: Girls Night Out – General Admission-Free
General Admission is complimentary for Shecky’s Subscribers (Does NOT include Goodie Bag)
Philadelphia: Girls Night Out – General Admission + Shecky’s Famous Goodie Bag-$25.00


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In December I recieved an email from an event that occurs in Philadelphia and cities around the country twice a year, sorta like fashion week; Spring and Fall.
“I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the upcoming Shecky’s Girls Night Out event in Philadelphia. Girls Night Out is the premiere event of season and brings together everything you need for the perfect night out with your girlfriends: emerging designer fashions at up to 75% off, delicious complimentary cocktails throughout the night, fabulous beauty products and services and our famous Deluxe Goodie Bag (plus much more!).” Did you say Goodie bag, I love goodie bags, even it it’s make-up. You’ve heard of re-gifting right?
According to Diana on Yelp San Fran ” The free drinks make it even better… all alcohol is complimentary and there is plenty of it! I generally get the goodie bag, this last time I got allot of conventional things but things I’d rather buy at Target then receive in a “Goodie Bag”, you know, toothpaste, tampons, but have some nice beauty products in there and its always nice to try new products! The bottom line is for $25 (if you buy tickets in advanced) you and a friend get in (yes that is 2 tickets), get all the alcohol you want, and a stuffed goodie bag… call the girl friends and plan a night out, it will be your cheapest night out in SF!”
Shecky’s night out, btw these are all fashion shots I have taken this past year. Who doesn’t like a fashion show, make-up demonstrations, cocktails and a girls night out. I’m so excited to get to go observe, photograph and write about it.
Having no idea what the heck the night was about, I knew just who to ask, the hip, katie holmes wanabe co-worker if she had ever heard of Shecky’s Girls Night Out. She told me she had gone in the fall, and it was great. Lots of things to look at, buy and the Goodie Bag was awesome, worth the money.
Over the holiday’s my cousin Debbie asked me if I had heard of it, and by that time I had. She said she wanted to get a group together and head on over asking where she should park. There’s a garage right under the Wanamaker building. SO look for me to photograph you on the first night, because that’s the night I’m going with Debbie and three of her fashion starved girls. Now Shecky’s does fall right before Lent, so if you are planning to give up chocolates or booze stop on by on Tuesday 2/24/09 for Fat Tuesday. In fact it might be a good place to kick off your partying night. So remember Shecky’s Girls Night Out Philadelphia – Feb. 24th-26th – Philadelphia Date: Tue.-Thu., Feb. 24th-26th, 2009. Time: 5pm-10pm. Place: Crystal Tea Room at The Wanamaker Building 100 Penn Sq. E., 8th Fl. (@ Chestnut Street)

Advice: I hear that not all vendors take credit cards, so bring the green stuff, plus there was not a lot of food available, so its a good idea to eat a little before you go so you don’t get too drunk and wake up next to that something you don’t remember. But don’t come too late, as you will want to make a night of it. Most importantly HAVE FUN and start thinking about SPRING!!