JAMIE FOXX Filming of Law Abiding Citizen in Philadelphia 1/22/09

These photos are terrible. My computer crashed tonight, seems I have too many photos something like 120,000. Hopefully I can save the shots I took since January 1st when I did my last back up, so Sasha I am hoping to get those shots to you this weekend.

These photos are terrible too for a couple reasons, dirty City Hall windows, I didn’t have the right lens and most importantly, I didn’t have access to my photoshop to tweak them because the contrast is off. Here’s what the set looked like.
The director chairs (over the weekend the film will take itself inside to film in the hallways and several different rooms. The crew spent the day changing lighting as they believe the bulbs were too strong and wanted softer lighting)
actors Bruce McGill and Jamie Foxx’s stand in’s for light checking and placement of actors. These shots were taken about 11AM (I took lunch early). The director is in the blue.
This shot was taken about 4PM. Those poor extra’s must have been freezing. Jamie Foxx is on the right in the suit and blue tie.

Tonight they film here in the East Pavillion, but during the day it was the food tent.After this weekend the film moves out of center city for a few weeks, promising to return in the warmer months of March, but you can still tune into PhillyChitChat as the cast and crew will still call Center City home and they have to eat sometime.