After a week of shooting the movie “Law Abiding Citizen” in and around Philadelphia, particularly City Hall, with no Gerard Butler sighting, but plenty of Jamie Foxx sightings, I was excited when I read that the Mayor would be formally welcoming the entire cast and crew to Philadelphia and presenting them with the City’s Key To The City – A miniature Liberty Bell.

Alas Gerard Butler makes his first appearance in front of my lens. During a brief ceremony in City Hall, Nutter presented them with the miniature liberty bell replica as starry-eyed city workers applauded and occasionally let out screams directed at Gerard Butler. Gerard would look over and give him one of these sexy pout smiles. (If you take this photos, please link back to my page or give photo credit, Please)I have to confess it was the first time I have ever seen him, I never saw any of his movies, but I know he is popular, in fact my agency said go get him he’s your bread and Butler for the next couple months ie big seller around the world. Ya know I thought he was attractive, but what really captivated me was his jeans, I like his jeans, I wonder what brand they are? I’m getting ready to shoot NYC Fashion Week in three short weeks and I need a new Wardrobe so I have been looking for something slick and hot. Here in Philly people will tell you I wear black all the time to photograph events, but in NYC I like to wear jeans, so I have been in the market for a pair. I like his fade. Although they must be tight as he has wrinkles near the waist.
A few weeks back I wrote about going to a fashion show here in Philly where someone told me the jeans cost $200. I didn’t know jeans existed in that price range, and I thought$50 was too much to pay. I think it’s at this point that Gerard tells Jamie I am taking too many photos of him, but what he didn’t know was I was shooting his jeans. No doubt the peeps in the chamber were probably screaming about his jeans too, they looked really nice on him. Mayor Michael Nutter welcomed Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, and Director F. Gary Gray to Philadelphia. He gave them each a token Liberty Bell, the official gift from the City of Philadelphia. Actors Bruce McGill and Leslie Bib, neither or who I got a good shot of as they seemed shy or something. Next to them is GPFO Ex Director Sharon Pinkenson, a favorite Phila Celebrity here on PCC.When it was Gerard’s turn to speak to the members of the media, and drooling employees , he mention that he was always paired with Oscar winners, ie Jodie Foster, Hilary Swank now Jamie Foxx, and he was feeling a little left out. Then he went on to say this “Liberty Bell” was the closest he would probably get to an Oscar. At that point he went into his “Oscar” speech thanking Philly, his fans, Jamie the director. It was quite funny.
When Jamie got up to the podium, he reiterated what the Mayor said, which was taken from a quote the media has been saying the past few days, which is Jamie wants to play Obama when the movie of Obama’s life is made. So Mayor Nutter introduced Jamie as the guy that might play him someday in a movie. Jamie got up and started mimicking the Mayors soft spoken whiny voice and doing a few antics. Very Funny.

OK stop taking pictures of me and my jeans, you probably can’t afford them anyway, his scowl says to me.
Anyone know what kind of jeans these are? Must be straight leg, blue jeans of some sort. I don’t understand how a pair of jeans could be $200. A friend was trying to tell me a few weeks ago, it depended on where the fabric ate their grass, probably in Switzerland or somewhere far. So if you know what kind of jean’s he wear’s and I know you do because I have been getting 1,000 hits extra a day from the Gerard Butler fan’s, could you tell me?
Sharon Pinkenson, our tireless Exec Dir of the Phila Film Office that encourages films to be made in our City, and the Philly area. L-R Gerard Butler’s manager and business partner, Alan Siegel, Sharon, Gerard and Mayor Nutter.
As I left the press conference, I notice they were setting up a shot at the Northwest corner of the building.

And when I left work that night about 7:30PM (I took a long lunch to do the press conf) I noticed they were still filming.I don’t always write about celebrities, but do write a lot about Philly and it’s people, so if you are in and around the Philly area maybe you would like to subscribe to my feed, if not thanks for stopping by and please come to Philly, see the beauty, the history, retrace the steps of Gerard Butler, what at the restaurants he did, sleep at the hotel where he lay his head and check out the City Hall tours.
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