FASHION UP @ PEARL a good start Jack & Jill Boutique

Fashion – Up with at Pearl, Saturday Jan 31st for an exclusive pampering from fashion to the best mash-up music in the country. Downstairs the girls get made up among the cans of tomato juice and boxes of holiday decorations in preparation for the big Fashion Up show which
had good PR as it seemed that all the media/photog players were in the house including me, PCC; the runway was set up in the restaurant area – AKOYA, which is surprisingly spacious when the tables are removedAnd then it began, but there was no announcement so if I didn’t know the people involved, I wouldn’t have known that it was Jack & Jill Boutique The women’s line was also showcased in springs hues such as lilacs, pale orange, whites, and blues ,and greens. All very flowly and feminine.
Designers included, Cynthia Steffe, Anama, Sky, and Interlud.the black mini is always in

as is the black skirt, let’s just face it black is here to stay as the non-color to wear out
Jack & Jill’s men’s line in our Spring/ Resort collection featured some of the soft baby hues for this season… a lot of plaid and striped detailing in powdery hues that reminds you of those spring days. We also showed some edgier looks with military style detailing that is popular on the runway. Our designer jeans are always about comfort! Jeans should be comfortable yet stylish, so we have brands that represent them such as: William Rast – a new line from Justin Timberlake (Did I mention I will be shooting this show 2/17), Energie, 7 Diamonds, which was all shown on the runway for the men’s collection, but no look was more smashing thenthe Arthur Kadyshes South Beach Body look as the crowd squealed with delightAnd just like that it was over
the Philly lounge guys were there and we thank themAnh Nguyen of Jack & Jill gives out the VIP gift bagsthe runway is broken down, and AKOYA is back in operation
and the party began upstairs in Pearl Donna & Charlie had reserved “Bottle” service, which comes with a table, and at Pearl you need to have this service or you will be standing the whole night –
S&M = Stand & Model
Fun, when you order an additional bottle for your table they bring out it like this
Happy Birthday to you beautifulSUNDAY IS ANOTHER CHANCE FOR YOU TO CATCH SOME FASHION. Fashion Affair Wired 96.5 at the Curtis Center 11AM – 4PM – FREE Admission
The party upstairs was kicking it, but it will always be bizarre to me when in between good songs people just stand in place and chat, then return to dancing when a good song comes on again. For the ultimate good time, get the “Bottle Service” it’s $400 for 2 bottles and you can invite 6- 8 friends to split the bill and to really have a nice, comfortable time.
Susan Helfrich, Sofia, Donna Coghlan, Charlie Pasquale with Megan and Adam Spivak in comfort & the bottles
Sabrina Strickland, guest and the wild and crazy Steve Thorn
The question I have is why did they hold people at the door until almost 11PM, sure it created an exciting atmosphere, but it was cold for the people waiting in line. I did get in early as Donna had a table, and it wasn’t crowded in the place;

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