On Saturday, local restaurateurs Ed Doherty and Terry “TW” White unveiled Philadelphia’s much-anticipated Union Trust Steakhouse with a red carpet opening gala. The party came after more than $12 million in renovations to the historic 717 Chestnut Street bank building over the last year. (I stopped by the night before to do a walk through and was just blown away by the design and decor, and the overnight crew preparing the lastest steakhouse for the blow out party the next day.)
Union Trust, like several of the other new steakhouses, was one time a bank building. Designed by DAS Architects, UT will take advantage of the high ceilings in the former Jack Kellmer jewelers at 717 Chestnut St.
The staff on hand matched in numbers
those waiting in line, sometimes up to 30 minutes to get inside. Union Trust was definitely one of the highly anticipated restaurants to open in a long time along the new “restaurant row” in Philadelphia.
OK, ok I get alot of ribbing, some people write me and say what’s with the Sabrina Tamburino coverage, she’s engaged just let her go, her heart belongs to someone else. Well what better way for me to stay close to the one I love then to photograph them, and what camera doesn’t love these two. Steve Thorne and Sabrina Tamburino one of my favorite couples. So much fun and full of life. I’m just hoping they fall in love with me too and take me to St. Barts one day.
If Sabrina is the one that got away, there’s always Carol for me, she’s a knock out – look at this dress and body.Dave Maser and maybe future candidate Jonathan Seidel
OK TOGETHER NOW – WOW WOW WOW – this is my favorite picture of the night, and I am just gonna put it out there now.
Chris and Dr. Krista Gabello
Aditi Roy and Justin Pizzi/NBC 10
Liz and Josh Schneider with Aly Green. Aly what are you wearing I love your dress.Doherty and White are backed by local partners and investors, including
developer Joe Grasso – whose vision it was to restore 717 Chestnut Street –
John Frankowski and John Dunfee.

My good friends, and early big fans of PCC Sylvia and Al Glassman (big food critics on ) Leslie Van Arsdale and guest (She is always so sweet)
Erin Elmore and Dr. Shareef Jandali make the scene. OK I have got to catch the names of these outfits this is fabulous.
Doug Kammerer and lovely wife Holly. Congratulations are in order as they just announced they are going to have a baby!!!
Mr. and Mrs Vlahos who must be very proud of the amazing production their son produced along with Jimmy Contreas (both a force to be reckoned with now)OK TOGETHER NOW – WOW WOW WOW

The lovely Jill Rizen and friendPhylis Halpern and Jerry & Susan Rosenfeld, Adele Miller.
On right Gay TV Butch Cordova of “In Bed with Butch” TV Fame and his friend, straight and eligible girls.

John “JD” Dunfee and wife Amy

Tony Rufo and the sizzling hot Lindsay Kravitz (not shown here, her hot Christian Louboutin that Tony gifted her, and she LOVES, just ask her. Plus she has a hot dress here, and I failed to get her to take off her coat, well at this party, come back in a few days when we catch up with the happy duo about 2AM at the G Lounge)Gay Pioneer Legend Mark Segal, publisher/founder of the PGN
My gay legend, partner in life of 14 years, that’s right – Mike Toub and my cousin Jessica Matthews

Mariska Bogle and Sean Reilly who was recently profiled in the Philadelphia Biz Journal With soaring 65-foot ceilings, more than 18,000 bottles of wine and dining rooms appointed with polished marble, rich leather and precious metals. I loved the plush red booths, with matching red leather tables, which if I heard right won’t need table clothes, just a wipe and a polish. I love the high backs that hug your body, create a bit of intimacy especially sharing that language of love, red is more than just a color.
An intimate dinner looking down on the main dining room floorit’s 3:30am I must go to bed now readers. Catch up with me later today as I fill in the blanks.
At 7 pm, a bottle of Louis XIII Black Pearl arrived via Brink’s armored truck and was escorted into the restaurant by armed guards. Union Trust is one of only a handful of select restaurants in the world with a bottle of the rare cognac, which will retail for $1,500/oz. (roughly one shot). The
decanter is hand-blown Baccarat crystal. Union Trust paid $32,000 for the Louis XIII Black Pearl.
Sans Joey Sweeney, who I caught up with later, Ruth Carpenter (Philebrity), Kiera McDonagh and Michael Prince
Look who’s here Carol Tinari and Mayor Michael Nutter stop by to check out Union Trust
Lauren, John, John and Lauren
Charles V. Zeiders and his wife Mary Ann Zeiders; they are so cute

Shrimp, Oysters and clam bar

Monique Crawford and Lindsay Furman
Terressa Thompson and her husband Jayson LawsonVodka Ice Sculpture and bar

Mia Angiolillo’s and Jeff WatkinsonGina Sole and Zarina Kozek (who I hope to see up in NYC this weekend)
Dana Lombardo and sporting a new ‘do Christa Guidi

Peter Breslow and I share the same motto: I am completely obsessed with creating buzz.
The Tinari clan minus Nino L-R Mia, Carol and Nina and a new mystery man. Nam Lee and Nadia Maransky
WOW the ceiling is blue. Actually this is my favorite color combination yellow, and blue. Also the colors of the Pa State flag.
Hmm chocolate cream something with and edible gold leaf, but not the foil the server told meMeg Rider and Natalie Hope McDonald

Jeffrey Miller, Laura Burkhardt, Eddie and
Sheinelle Jones and her hubby with Janita Applebaum Styles and Jessiah Styles, producing “The Black List 2” for HBO which premieres 2/24/09 at the Apollo. I was really flattered to be asked to photograph for Jessiah, but since I am going to fashion week I just can’t take any more time off from my day job to do that job, but thanks.
OK this really might be my favorite picture of the night and it was deliciousJohn Frankowski (owner) with Anne Marie Green (who did a piece on KYW3 tonight about the other Philadelphia Paparazzi which when I heard the price of $1000 bucks thought hey I could do that too but of course if you want the video, oh and magazine cover you should hire them, but with me you would get a real paparazzi, photos and well featured on Philly Chit Chat where I get 1,000 eyes looking back on your publish day; so if you’re interested hit me up at [come to think of it, they philadelphia paparazzi should hire me to do the write up after they photograph you]) Anyway Anne-Marie is a sweetie too. I was lucky enough to get to know her when she did the paparazzi Pilly piece on KYW about me last Spring when I photographed Demi Moore, Owen Wilson, Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Aniston here in Philly.

Metro Publisher Eric Mayberry and his beautiful wife Vicky
Jimmy and Gyro’s Laura PriceI was hanging in the wrong room as I only had 1/4 of these. What is the number of Union Trust I have got to get back there….
Agave Tuna Tartare on Jalapeno corn bread crisps Nausett Bay Oysters topped with Truffle infused Caviar Flash Seared Filet Mignon with Rosemary Aioli on Crostini Cape May Salt Oysters with Meyer Lemon foam Mini Crab cakes with Lobster Newberg sauce Slow smoked Lamb on Potato mint Belinis Oven roasted tomato crisps topped with Buffalo Mozzarella Belgian Endive with Smoked Salmon and Chive crème fraiche Filet Mignon sliders with caramelized onions and Bleu cheese Bloody Mary Oyster shooters Mason Dixon Chicken sliders with smoked white cheddar Pulled pork and Black Bean chili on corn tortillas Swordfish sliders with chipotle tartar sauce Lamb lollipops with apple mint butter Angry lobster salad crostinis Prosciutto brushed with truffle oil and Parmesan wrap Crissini Soppresetta rolled with aged ProvoloneFor more than a year, partners Ed Doherty and Terry “TW” White have been
assembling an all-star team of top chefs, managers, wine consultants and
sommeliers, and nearly 150 bartenders, wait staff and hostesses. They spent
the last two weeks in an intensive customer service “boot camp,” before
finally donning the restaurant’s signature suits from local retailer Boyd’s.
The high-end design is a tribute to the
building’s roots; designed by architect Paul Philippe Cret, it once served
as The Union Trust Company Bank. The menu includes famed Allen Brothers’
prime meats, and items such as Union Trust’s signature steaks will be
prepared in Montague broilers. For a more casual experience, the restaurant
also includes a raw bar and authentic charcuterie. To make reservations,
call 215-925-6000 or visit To learn more, go to