Saturday night was the VIP Opening Night of the long anticipated Union Trust Philadelphia Steakhouse (Reservation info at the end of Entry)and the stars were shining bright, but first they had to get through the list checkers including birthday girl Jennifer Karwoski; tonight at Valanni’s there is going to be a special Quizzo Happy Birthday party for Jennifer, if you haven’t been to Jennifer’s Quizzo night at Valanni’s well you just haven’t done Quizzo right. (Deja Vu – I have more to say)but these two made the cut, Tony Rufo and Lindsay Kravitz. When reviewing the photos I realized I just had to show this fashion shot. This party was all about fashion, Philly is really turning it out with the style lately. It’s good to see, I had no idea all this excitement was happening in the City.
Underwear Model Marc Bartolomeo III (Google him you won’t be disappointed) and his girlfriend (I did not take this photo as I was inside shooting up a storm, but thanks to Vlahos PR for providing it to me)
Dan Gross is not gay you darn commentator’s on his site who torture him all day. Here he is with his lovely wife Holly. Gay is OK, it’s just Dan doesn’t play on my team.
Back to the main reason we’re here WOW this place is amazing, beautiful and I look forward to eating here soon. Let’s get together and go.
Oh and here I am with Gina DiVentura and Tracy Seng. On the other hand maybe I will skip dessert.

Peter Breslow gives Union Trust the thumbs up. I like his enthusiasm!!
Christian DiCicco and Sunshine Diane Johnson
Bam Margera’s Dad Phil and Mom April
Bruce Yelk and Brian Goldthorpe
The red carpet is almost done as folks are inside partying and enjoying the sliders and seafood. Did you see those huge shrimp, oysters, crab legs and clams? Wheeee

The kitchen the night before it opened getting a shine on
These girls loved the seafood room, shrimps and snow crab legs – Mother Daughter Julie and Tiffany Loyan
Totally styling it – Alex and Joey ConicelliI love this Coca Cola ice buckets. Where can I buy one?
My other Italian Mom, just as stylish, but a little more crazy fun, Carol Tamburino
At 7 pm, a bottle of Louis XIII Black Pearl arrived via Brink’s armored truck and was escorted into the restaurant by armed guards. Union Trust is one of only a handful of select restaurants in the world with a bottle of the rare cognac, which will retail for $1,500/oz. (roughly one shot).
The decanter is hand-blown Baccarat crystal. Union Trust paid $32,000 for the Louis XIII Black Pearl.

Liz and Steve Tronieri, Liz Galantino and Gus Calabrese

David Bernard and Christina Willis will be your servers if you likeThe secret staircase in the middle of the room

And that quick the night was over. Check out last nights coverage Trust Steakhouse 717 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA map / directions (215) 925-6000