CHIFA HITS THE GROUND RUNNING along Philadelphia’s New Restaurant Row

Chifa is a term used in Peru to refer to a style of food produced by the fusion of creole Limean food with Chinese food brought by Chinese immigrants mainly from the province of Canton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is also used to define a restaurant where this type of food is served. (Wikipedia)
As I walked into Chifa with Mike I found myself in a fun, sedate, comfortable space, a little hideaway. In fact Chifa has a lot of little hideaways like the tables in this back dining area on the right and left of the door. Each cubicle contains a family style table separated by the main dining area by tiny beads that offer just enough privacy while also allowing the guests to see what’s going on in the main room.
The investors should be very excited about thier new venture Kim, Mike, Eugene, Ed, Jeff and JeanieI wish I had photographed the lounge in a softer light so you could enjoy the soft blues. What I did find interesting were these fans on the ceiling, they looked just like table fans. Also I really loved the wooden shutters lining the right side of the wall
Matching the wooden shutters across the room behind the bar
food was plentiful and tasty. I especially enjoyed Peruvian Cervicheand the company of Jimmy Contreas, Andi Pesacov, Maria Quattorne and Matthew Vlahos
as well as these delicious creamy chocolate candies with an edible gold leaf
Downstairs I found another comfy quiet place to get away, listen to music, grab a cocktail and gab with friends.It was here that I found Dana Spain and good friend, Steve Rockman, Zoltan and Diana Kerekes enjoying the delicious food and ambiance.One of the highlights were these Shrimp Anticuchos which seemed to flow throughout the evening, but it really was enjoyable to chat with Steve and Dana, who we last saw on the social scene at the Donna Coghlan Girl’s Night Out at Table 31. Dana tells us that she went to the Philly Auto Show last week and fell in love with a few beauties. Other favorites included Oyster Cerviche, Conchitas, Empanada and this delicious crunchy Caramel pop corn which will accompany the Root Bear Float and a dash of vanilla ice cream.

According to the 1/31/09 Phila Biz Journal
The space is on a block that’s becoming a restaurant row. It has two Starr restaurants: Jones, at 700 Chestnut, and Morimoto, at 723 Chestnut. Also opening on that block next month will be Union Trust Steakhouse, at 717 Chestnut. The block also includes Las Vegas Lounge, Kibitz in the City, El Azteca II Mexican, Aqua Malaysian & Thai Restaurant. “That corridor is going beyond a restaurant row. It’s a restaurant headquarters,” Garces said. “It’s exciting and it’s good for the city.”
Joanne Nerlick. Maria Spinner, Pat and Marty Cleere ate, drank and were merry.
David Maser and Kristen Kyriss enjoyed the evening.

Yesterday, February 10, 2009 at 5 p.m., Latin superstar Chef Jose Garces will debuted his fourth Philadelphia restaurant, Chifa (707 Chestnut Street, 215-925-5555), named after the unique hybrid of Peruvian and Cantonese cuisines found in Peru.